What is EURYI?

The European Young Investigator Awards (EURYI) scheme was designed to attract outstanding young scientists in all research domains, including the humanities, from any country in the world to create their own research teams at European research centres.

The European Heads of Research Councils (EuroHORCs) and the European Science Foundation have worked together to create the European Young Investigator Awards (EURYI) which was launched in 2003. Awards, normally worth at least 1 MEUR over 5 years, may be held in any of the countries participating in the scheme, which had been designed to create a high-profile incentive for the best and brightest researchers to build careers in Europe.

Helsinki, 27 September 2007 - European Young Investigator Award (EURYI) Award Ceremony

EURYI has used a two stage selection process. The first step consisted of application to and selection by the participating organisation from the proposed host country. The second step was carried out by ESF, using broadly-based international panels, and resulted in the final selection of awardees. The main selection criteria were scientific quality and originality of the proposal, quality of the host institution, potential of the applicant, who should have had between two and 8 years of postdoctoral experience, an excellent track record, and the potential to become world class leaders in their chosen field of research.

Results of the 4th Call

The fourth call was launched in September 2006 with a deadline on 30 November to which 17 research councils from 15 countries contributed. More than 450 applications were received. Twenty EURYI awards were approved in late July 2007. The award diplomas were presented at a Ceremony held in Helsinki, on 27 September 2007. 

The Future of EURYI

The European Research Council's recently launched Starting Investigator Research Grant Scheme shares many characteristics with EURYI, as well as a much larger scale in terms of the number of awards.  The EuroHORCs have accordingly decided to indefinitely postpone future calls of EURYI.


For more information, please contact euryi[at]esf.org.