Peer Review

What ESF offers

ESF can support peer review processes, from call preparation to selection and feedback to applicants, with a range of services that can be tailored to the client's needs. 

For details on the three main packages (basic, intermediate and full), see the brochure for more information. We can also provide tailored ad hoc services upon request.

For more information and requests, please contact peerreview[at]

Some background

Responding to a growing need for high quality peer review, ESF has developed internal expertise and streamlined processes to provide the highest quality peer review. With our pool of highly regarded and experienced reviewers which is continuously enhanced and updated, ESF has the capacity to provide scientific peer review support to institutes, establishments or organisations implementing competitive calls.

The nature and scope of our offering includes contributions from provision of expert reviews for specific competitive calls to full-scale call management, including planning, coordination of specialised peer review and research evaluation assignments. ESF is also eager to develop and implement the best approach tailored to the specific needs of a partner organisation or the specificities of a given competitive call, taking into account the many elements that drive the quality and relevance of a Peer Review process.

ESF’s high-level competencies in peer review management are the result of our robust history in science management activities, for our own research instruments (eg. EUROCORES, Research Networking Prgrammes and Exploratory Workshops) but also from managing FP7 projects and other specific contracts with major European stakeholders. Our expertise in peer review has also been enhanced through common actions, dialogues and joint policy initiatives such as the ESF Member Organisation Fora on Peer Review which resulted in the Peer Review Guidebook, which is today used throughout Europe and internationally as the leading framework for peer review.

Peer review and grant awarding procedures are key to the quality of performance of ESF Member Organisations as research and research funding organisations and of their image in the scientific community. However new challenges and requirements for peer review arise because of changes to ways research is organised and funded.