Career Tracking

Providing institutions and countries with high quality, high value information on the supply and demand of doctorate holders and their mobility patterns

Research organisations are accountable vis-à-vis their researchers and society at large to show that their programmes achieve the desired impact and that scarce resources are well spent. Tracking and monitoring researchers’ careers are important elements in this respect in order to assess the impact of investment in research career development.

The ESF/Science Connect offers tailored career tracking services performing surveys of researchers for interested research funding and performing organisations on a regular basis. These allow them to assess the impact of investment in research career development and to analyse practices aimed at the development of research careers.

Our career tracking services involve:

  • A peer-reviewed, validated instrument for exploring investment in and outcomes from doctorate level education across international, institutional and sectoral settings
  • High quality partnership-based methodology, platform, and processes
  • A platform for exploring mobility patterns, career/research outcomes and choices
  • A high quality survey process with strong emphasis on high response rates (longitudinal study) using standardised items on demographics, geographical, sectoral, and occupational mobility and career outcomes
  • Statistical (SPSS) analysis of trends across participating RFOs/RPOs
  • Organisation-specific focus groups
  • Production of organisation-specific data (in EXCEL and SPSS), analysis, and reports

We are convinced that in the long run a European Research Career Tracking Platform will be essential to create transparency regarding the challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities of research careers and to help research organisations to better tailor their policies and activities to researchers’ needs.