Occupation in Europe: the Impact of National Socialist and Fascist Rule

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Surviving Hitler and Mussolini
Daily Life in Europe
- 2006
Robert Gildea, Olivier Wieviorka and Anette Warring

Surviving Hitler and Mussolini examines how far everyday life was possible in a  situation of total war and brutal occupation. Its theme is the social experience of occupation in German - and Italian - occupied Europe, and in particular the strategies ordinary people developed in order to survive. Survival included meeting the challenges of shortage and hunger, of having to work for the enemy, of women entering into intimate relations with soldiers, of the preservation of culture in a fascist universe, of whether and how to resist, and the reaction of local communities to measures of reprisal taken in response to resistance. What emerges is that ordinary people were less heroes,villains or victims than inventive and resourceful individuals able to maintain courage and dignity despite the conditions they faced.

ISBN 1-84520-180-9

Nationalism in the age of the French Revolution
Dann, Otto and Dinwiddy, John

ISBN 907628974

Annali dell'Instituto storico italo-germanico in Treno; Redrawing the Ethnic Map of Europe after the World War II: 
Achim, Viorel; Ahonen, Petti and Corni, Gustavo

ISBN 8815133631

People on the Move; forced population movements in Europe in the Second World War and its Aftermath
Ahonen, Pertti; Corni, Gustavo; Kochanowski, Jerzy; Schulze, Rainer; Stark, Tamas and Stelzl-Marx,  Barbara

ISBN 9781845208240

The War of Legitimacy in Politics and Culture 1936-1946
Conway, Martin and Romijn, Peter

ISBN 9781845208219

Religion under Siege I: The Roman Catholic Church in Occupied Europe (1939-1950)

Gevers, Lieve and Bank, Jan

ISBN 978-90-429-1932-7

Religion under Siege II: protestant, Orthodox and Muslim Communities in Occupied Europe (1939-1950)
Gevers, Lieve and Bank, Jan

ISBN 9789042919334

Contemporary European History
Wouters, Nico ; Peschanski, Denis; Bresadola, Ginmarco; Pittaway, Mark; Frommer, Benjamin; Tournès, Ludovic;

ISSN 9607773