Ultrafast Structural Dynamics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Material Science (DYNA)


The aim of this programme is to create a network of scientists who investigate ultrafast structural dynamics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Material Science, and of those who develop tools for such aims. In Europe, the structural dynamics tools that are currently available include time-resolved IR and Raman techniques and X-ray diffraction. The latter uses sources such as synchrotrons, laser-generated plasmas or non-linear optical methods. Less used and/or nascent ultrafast structural techniques, which we aim to encourage with this proposal, are multidimensional vibrational and electronic spectroscopies, X-ray absorption spectroscopy and electron diffraction.

We propose to create a synergetic environment with different scientific communities:

1) the users community in solid state physics, in Chemistry and in Biology
2) the atomic and plasma physicists developing laser-based X-ray tools
3) the machine physicists developing tools at synchrotrons
4) scientists working in the area of multidimensional spectroscopies.

They will bring new and emerging Science and Technology in the area of structural dynamics. This proposal aims at organising schools, workshops and short-term lab visits to create links between the different research groups, hoping that a multidisciplinary community will emerge from such a network.

ultrafast structural dynamics, ultrafast processes, multidimensional spectroscopies, x-ray techniques, electron diffraction.

More information on the programme can be found here


5 years  : from May 2005 until May 2010