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19. November 2013 10:55

A new energy revolution could begin in Europe.

According to delegates at the Fourth World Materials Summit held at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 14-15 October 2013, a new energy revolution could begin – and begin in Europe – based on the same greenhouse gas that threatens the planet with climate change.

The summit - entitled "Materials: A Key Enabling Technology for Secure Energy & Sustainable Development - was organised by the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) in close partnership with ESF, COST, MatSEEC, Strasbourg Uniersity, AFRICA MRS, BRAZIL MRS, CHINA MRS, INDIA MRS, RUSSIA MRS, International Union of Materials Research Societies (USA).

The proposal published today in a report is that the world’s national laboratories, universities, industries and engineering academies work together to exploit captured and sequestered carbon dioxide as a potential power storage system for renewable energy installation; as the basis for a synthetic hydrocarbon fuel for combustion engines; and as a future raw material for the manufacture of polymers and other chemical products.

Download the Report & Vision for the Future below.