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13. February 2012 11:06

ESF and EMBO come to Pultusk Castle: where the past meets the future

In 2011, ESF and EMBO jointly agreed on moving the ESF-EMBO Symposia on “Molecular Biology at the interface with other disciplines” to Poland, making them more accessible to Eastern European participants. The upcoming Symposia will then be held at the Pultusk Castle, a charming venue which offers optimum conditions to meet and network.

ESF-EMBO Symposia will now be held at Polonia Castle (Dom Polonii) in Pultusk, Poland. Pultusk is an unusually scenic town, conveniently located in the northern part of Masovia, 60 km from Warsaw. It is situated close to the edge of the White Forest, by the river Narew. The oldest part of Pułtusk lies on an island created by the forked arm of the Narew, which explains why Pultusk is often referred to as “the Venice of the North”.

With over a thousand-year-long history, Pultusk is a town where the past goes hand in hand with the future. Here numerous events occurred, from the wars with the Teutonic Order to the Napoleonic battle of 1806, where the French victory has been then immortalized on the Triumphal Arch in Paris. The castle has been destroyed and rebuilt several times and today its magnificent walls still provide every passer-by with a glimpse of history.

The Pultusk Castle represents the ideal location for the renowned ESF-EMBO Series, which focuses on Molecular Biology at the interface with other disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Computing Science, Mathematics and Modelling, Space Science, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Symopsia will take place in a modern hall in the castle, equipped with multimedia devices and access to Internet. The participants will be accommodated at the venue as well and will have all the spaces and facilities at their disposal. The hotel, with its amenities and surroundings, is the optimal setting for meeting, networking and relaxing. It has tennis courts, a beach basketball pitch, billiards and table tennis to please guests in their free time. There is no lack of places of interest in the area: from the famous old Town Market, the longest in Europe, to the Town Hall erected in the 15th century, to the St.Peter and Paul’s Church, with its recently renovated Renaissance frescoes on the vault in the nave.

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