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13. February 2013 11:04

ESF part of GRAPHENE Flagship project

The ESF is a partner in the ramp-up phase of one of Europe’s first 10-year, 1,000 million Euro Future Emerging Technologies (FET) flagships: the GRAPHENE Flagship project (supported by the EC FP7).

The mission of this project is to take graphene and related layered materials from academic laboratories to society, revolutionize multiple industries and create economic growth and new jobs in Europe. Graphene’s unique combination of superior properties makes it a credible starting point for new disruptive technologies in a wide range of fields.

ESF will provide support to the Project by managing the competitive call for new partners as well as through the organisation of two large international conferences and the setting-up of a dialogue with national research organisations. The project is coordinated by Chalmers University (SE).