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16. November 2012 14:45

Pan European Networks (PEN) interviews Dr Nina Kancewicz-Hoffman on the changes Horizon 2020 is set to bring to the European social science and humanities community

In a recent interview Nina Kancewicz-Hoffman, Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Unit of the European Science Foundation, responded to a number of questions in relation to the role of social sciences and humanities in Horizon 2020, the European Union’s next framework programme.

Dr Kancewicz-Hoffman talked about the necessity for humanities and social sciences to be a constitutive part of all Horizon 2020 actions as structured by Grand Challenges, rather than denoting them to a contributory role as is too often the case.

“it is widely accepted that interdisciplinary collaborations involving both humanities and social sciences and hard sciences are necessary for the progress of research”

Throughout the interview, Dr Kancewicz-Hoffman drew attention to the potential of disciplines as well as their particularities and provided examples from recent projects; she concluded with a strong plea to integrate social sciences and humanities in the Horizon 2020 programme.

<media 41787 _blank>Read the full interview here</media>.  It is published in the PEN “Government”

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