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2. July 2015 14:21

Publication of book: Portrait of a Lady

An ESF Exploratory Workshop 'Portrait of a Lady: Women in Science' was convened by Sveva Avveduto in September 2013 and has resulted in a book

Portrait of a Lady. Women in Science: Participation, Issues and Perspectives in a Globalized Research System

Editors: Sveva Avveduto and Luca Pisacane
Publisher: Gangemi Editore

Which factors prevent a larger female participation in the scientific and research careers? This book analyzes recent data and figures about women researchers in R&D and Higher Education institutions, their motivations, the reasons and causes determining the still persisting gender gap. The various scholars suggest possible strategies for obtaining a better gender balance in the scientific systems, and highlight policy measures for institutions to ease the participation of women in science, research and technology studies and careers.

The final aim is to contribute to change the scientific gender bias paradigm into cooperation between genders in science and to involve in reflection and subsequent actions not only women but the scientific community at large, institutions, national and European political bodies concerned in research and science policy.

For more information on the book and editors, click here