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7. December 2012 14:41

Research Networking Programme EHPS-Net:

Launch of the portal of the European Historical Population samples Network (EHPS-Net)

European Historical Population samples Network (EHPS-Net) started in June 2011. One of its goals was the development of a portal, which we now proudly present. The portal can be found at

The EHPS-Net brings scholars together to create a common format for databases containing information on persons, families and households. This so-called Intermediate Data Structure (IDS) forms an integrated and joint interface between many European databases in order to transcend the currently regional and national studies. The EHPS-Net portal will be the centre of all activities. The EHPS-Net will document all databases, will offer facilities to download software tools based on the IDS and will host an e-journal in which researchers and programmers may publish their findings in the form of articles. The portal will also offer facilities to archive and disseminate datasets.

Since some of our goals are still in the initial stage, some major items of the portal are still under development.