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5. May 2014 12:47

The EUROCORES programme EuroSYNBIO releases new video.

A video showing current developments in the field of synthetic biology has just been released by researchers from the ESF EUROCORES Programme EuroSYNBIO. The film is available at the EuroSYNBIO website.

In this programme, and more specifically in the Collaborative Research Project SYNMOD, the ethical, legal and societal impacts of the field of synthetic biology were studied. The potential impact of synthetic biology on the safety of biotechnological processes and its ethical implications for our society were investigated and shared with the public to institute a constructive dialogue about a potentially transformative novel technology.

Another outcome of the EuroSYNBIO programme is the successful application for a National Centre for Competence of Research (NCCR) in 'molecular systems engineering' initiated by Professor Wolfgang Meier (University of Basel) and Professor Daniel J. Müller (ETH Zurich), respectively Principal Investigator and Project Leader in the EuroSYNBIO Collaborative Research Project NANOCELL.

The new centre involving 25 research groups in Switzerland will be funded up to 12 years with a total of about 25 million CHF in the first four years.

“We see our NCCR as a fantastic outcome of the EuroSYNBIO Programme. At this point we would like to thank you all (at ESF) for your great support without which we would not have been able to develop the scientific basis and the ideas for the NCCR.”

Professors Daniel J. Müller and Wolfgang Meier.