5. February 2013

Social Scientists Propose Integrated Information Systems For Smarter Health And Social Care

A new ESF position paper calls for increasing use of ICT to deliver health and social care services. [more]

4. February 2013

Research Networking Programme EURAPMON - Call for grants

EURAPMON Research Networking Programme "Research and Monitoring for and with Raptors in Europe" seeks to strengthen links between people and institutions in Europe that are conducting monitoring for raptors (monitoring raptor populations and trends) and with raptors (using raptors to monitor... [more]

23. January 2013

Social Scientists call for more effective teaching in Higher Education

A new ESF position paper identifies needs and steps to improve teaching skills in Higher Education. [more]

9. January 2013

Important decisions for ESF and its future

At the European Science Foundation (ESF) Assembly, held in Brussels on 23 November 2012, key decisions were taken by its Member Organisations (MOs) regarding the future direction of ESF and its activities.  [more]

12. December 2012

Pan-European organisations call for an advanced understanding of the human brain

A new ESF strategic report identifies the opportunities for research on human brain in all scientific domains [more]

10. December 2012

Leading Experts Urge Europe To Implement Personalised Medicine In Healthcare

New report by the European Science Foundation’s (ESF) membership organisation, the European Medical Research Councils (MED (formerly EMRC)), sets out key recommendations for the introduction and implementation of personalised medicine. [more]

7. December 2012

Research Networking Programme EHPS-Net:

Launch of the portal of the European Historical Population samples Network (EHPS-Net)  [more]

6. December 2012

Winners of the "Science: it's your thing!" Video Contest

The competition - devised and sponsored by the European Science Foundation - offered people a chance to highlight the diverse career options that science offers to young women everywhere and to help raise young women’s interest in science. [more]

29. November 2012

European Gender Summit now underway in the European Parliament

A full-house event taking place over two days in the European Parliament, Brussels, the European Gender Summit gathers together key stakeholders from across the research, academic and policy spheres to call for science excellence through an awareness of gender issues. [more]

29. November 2012

Scientists take note: women are key to the best results

The European Science Foundation is co-organising the second European Gender Summit which will see today & tomorrow Several hundred scientists and researchers convene in Brussels to call for science excellence through an awareness of gender issues. [more]