Päivi Törmä

The Project

Nanoscale quantum systems interacting with fields: ultracold gases and molecular electronics.


Päivi Törmä
University of Jyväskylä
Department of Physics and Nanoscience Center
Jyväskylä, Finland



Following graduation from the University of Oulu, Finland, in 1991 with an M.Sc, Päivi Törmä, 35 years old, obtained a certificate of advanced study in mathematics from Cambridge University, England, in 1993 and a Ph.D from the University of Helsinki, Finland, in 1996. Currently a Professor in Physics (Nanoelectronics) at the University of Jyväskylä, the Finn is a frequent invited speaker at conferences and seminars and has published over 50 scientific papers.



Project Description

We consider two topics with meso- and nanoscale quantum systems, ultracold atoms and molecular electronics, and especially how such systems can be manipulated and investigated by the use of electromagnetic fields.

The research on ultracold Fermionic atoms is theoretical. We develop the theory of field-matter interactions in these systems beyond the first approximations, in order to allow accurate quantitative comparison between experiment and theory. We explore possibilities to compare different BEC-BCS cross-over models, and search for novel quantum states in various geometries e.g. provided by optical lattices.

The research on molecular electronics is experimental. We will develop novel methodology for the research by combining manipulation of molecules with on-chip nanoscale electric, magnetic and light fields, together with utilization of molecular self-assembly. The molecules considered are DNA and other macromolecules.

The aim is to provide a platform for controllable and easily reproducible molecular electronics measurements, and to explore the feasibility of various kinds of electromagnetic fields for assembly of molecular circuits. With the developed methods, we will study the role of contacts, environment and varying conditions on the molecules.