Workshops List

64 ESF Exploratory Workshops in 2006:

  1. EW05-224 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Sharing And Building Knowledge Through The Design And Development Of A Collaboratory For Library And Information Science Research And Education
    Dates and location: 30 January-1 February 2006, Borås, Sweden
    Convened by: Diane Sonnenwald (SE)
    ESF Representative(s): Isabelle Vonesch (FR)
    Scientific Report:
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  2. EW05-281 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Health Consumer Groups And Policy Making In Europe: A Comparative And Pan-European Perspective
    Dates and location: 16-18 February 2006, Vienna, Austria
    Convened by: Rudolf Forster (AT), Rob Baggott (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Reija Andersson Tuomaala (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  3. EW05-208 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Bridging The Gap Between Research On Second-Language Acquisition And Research On Language Testing
    Dates and location: 23-25 February 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Convened by: Jan Hulstijn (NL), Rob Schoonen (NL)
    Scientific Report:

  4. EW05-038 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Microbiological Meteorology: working at the intersection of biology, physics and meteorology to understand and regulate the microbial component of weather.
    Dates and location: 28 February-4 March 2006, Avignon, France
    Convened by: Cindy Morris (FR), David Sands (US)
    Scientific Report:

  5. EW05-014 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Attention, action, and time
    Dates and location: 7-9 March 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Convened by: Christian Olivers (NL), Jan Theeuwes (NL)
    ESF Representative(s): Thomas Bruhn (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  6. EW05-273 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Stem Cell Cultures: Exploring The Social And Cultural Background To European Debates About Human Embryonic Stem Cells
    Dates and location: 10-12 March 2006, Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Brigitte Nerlich (UK), Ernest Martin Döring (DE)
    ESF Representative(s): Gísli Pálsson (IS)
    Scientific Report:

  7. EW05-059 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Chiral Xenobiotics in the Environment: Opportunities for Research Progress
    Dates and location: 26-28 March 2006, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Stuart Harrad (UK), Kai Bester (DE), Heinrich Hühnerfuss (DE), Roland Kallenborn (NO), Walter Vetter (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  8. EW05-293 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Developing The EU Social Scientific Evidence Base On Integrated Approaches To Prevent And Address Homelessness
    Dates and location: 27-28 March 2006, York, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Deborah Quilgars (UK), Heidrun Feigelfeld (AT), Suzanne Fitzpatrick (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Reija Andersson Tuomaala (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  9. EW05-064 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Influence of phytoplankton on herbivore reproductive success – impact of infochemicals and food quality?
    Dates and location: 29-31 March 2006, Roscoff, France
    Convened by: Georg Pohnert (CH), Serge A. Poulet (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  10. EW05-176 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Migration And Transcultural Identities In The Viking Age
    Dates and location: 29 March-1 April 2006, Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Judith Jesch (UK), Christina Lee (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Przemyslaw Urbanczyk (PL)
    Scientific Report:

  11. EW05-253 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Evolutionary Economic Geography
    Dates and location: 3-5 April 2006, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Ronald L. Martin (UK), Ron Boschma (NL)
    ESF Representative(s): Ahmet Alkan (TR)
    Scientific Report:

  12. EW05-153 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    New Generation Large Aperture Solar Telescopes: Science Drivers, Observational Strategies And Perspectives
    Dates and location: 9-12 April 2006, Monte Porzio Catone, Italy
    Convened by: Gianna Cauzzi (IT), Francesco Berrilli (IT), Ilaria Ermolii (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Ian Butterworth (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  13. EW05-084 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Lepidoptera Evolution, Taxonomy and Systematics
    Dates and location: 26-29 April 2006, Stockholm, Sweden
    Convened by: Niklas Wahlberg (SE)
    ESF Representative(s): Zeljko Kucan (HR), Zoltán Varga (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  14. EW05-193 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Religion And Society. Cross-Disciplinary European Perspectives
    Dates and location: 18-20 May 2006, Aarhus, Denmark
    Convened by: Viggo Mortensen (DK), Marco Ricceri (IT)
    Scientific Report:

  15. EW05-162 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Crackling Noise
    Dates and location: 24-27 May 2006, Torino, Italy
    Convened by: Gianfranco Durin (IT), Stefano Zapperi (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Andreas Alexandrou (CY)
    Scientific Report:

  16. EW05-210 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    The Theologian Karl Barth: A European Event
    Dates and location: 25-27 May 2006, Jena, Germany
    Convened by: Martin Leiner (DE), Michael Trowitzsch (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  17. EW05-242 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    The Bantu-Romance Connection
    Dates and location: 25-27 May 2006, Leeds, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Cecile De Cat (UK), Katherine Demuth (AU)
    ESF Representative(s): Maria del Carmen Picallo Soler (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  18. EW05-320 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Eastern European Women As Immigrants In Western European Transregions. Gender Perspectives On Everyday Life, Citizenship And Social Justice
    Dates and location: 31 May-3 June 2006, Helsinki, Finland
    Convened by: Aino Saarinen-Manninen (FI), Marina Calloni (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Henk Stronkhorst (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  19. EW05-301 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Local Food In Europe
    Dates and location: 13-17 June 2006, Bordeaux, France
    Convened by: Virginie Amilien (NO), Florence Bergeaud-Blackler (FR), Chantal Crenn (FR), Angela Tregear (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Ruth McAreavey (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  20. EW05-030 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Developments in European radionuclide therapy dosimetry
    Dates and location: 15-17 June 2006, Würzburg, Germany
    Convened by: Michael Lassmann (DE)
    ESF Representative(s): Giovanni Storto (IT)
    Scientific Report:

  21. EW05-204 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Corpora In Phonological Research
    Dates and location: 15-17 June 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Convened by: Gjert Kristoffersen (NO), Jacques Durand (FR), Chantal Lyche (NO), Marc van Oostendorp (NL)
    ESF Representative(s): Karl Pajusalu (EE)
    Scientific Report:

  22. EW05-052 - PEN (formerly PESC), LEE (formerly LESC)

    Experimental and computational aspects of high-throughput protein NMR
    Dates and location: 17-20 June 2006, Göteborg, Sweden
    Convened by: Martin Billeter (SE), Göran Karlsson (SE), Vladislav Orekhov (SE)
    Scientific Report:

  23. EW05-179 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Physics And Philosophy Of Nature In Greek Neoplatonism
    Dates and location: 21-25 June 2006, Il Ciocco - Castelvecchio Pascoli, Italy
    Convened by: Riccardo Chiaradonna (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Ilie Parvu (RO)
    Scientific Report:

  24. EW05-325 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Designing Partnerships Between Government And The Private Sector: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives
    Dates and location: 23-24 June 2006, Bristol, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Mathias Dewatripont (UK), Paul A. Grout (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Zdenka Mansfeldová (CZ)
    Scientific Report:

  25. EW05-330 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    High Frequency Econometrics And The Analysis Of Foreign Exchange Markets
    Dates and location: 25-28 June 2006, Coventry, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Mark Salmon (UK), Nikolaus Hautsch (DK), Lucio Sarno (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Dalina Dumitrescu (RO)
    Scientific Report:

  26. EW05-071 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    New tools for biodiversity conservation through the advancement of phylogeographic methodologies
    Dates and location: 3-6 July 2006, Norwich, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Vincent Moulton (UK), Brent Emerson (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  27. EW05-073 - LEE (formerly LESC), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Effectiveness and gaps in the European legislation concerning subterranean fauna protection and the importance of setting up a European network of protected caves
    Dates and location: 9-10 July 2006, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    Convened by: Oana Moldovan (RO)
    ESF Representative(s): Tiina Nöges (EE), Vygandas Paulikas (LT)
    Scientific Report:

  28. EW05-195 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Judgment And Decision Making As A Skill
    Dates and location: 9-12 July 2006, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Mandeep Dhami (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Naomi Segal (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  29. EW05-097 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Mathematical models for electricity markets
    Dates and location: 12-14 July 2006, Ciudad Real, Spain
    Convened by: Antonio Conejo (ES), Anastasios Bakirtzis (GR), Stein-Erik Fleten (NO), Francisco Galiana (CA), Ben Hobbs (US), Daniel Kirschen (UK), Mohammad Shahidehpour (US)
    Scientific Report:

  30. EW05-335 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    The Esoteric Interpretation Of The Qur'an
    Dates and location: 17-20 July 2006, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Annabel Keeler (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Etan Kohlberg (IL)
    Scientific Report:

  31. EW05-106 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Mott’s Physics In Nanowires And quantum Dots
    Dates and location: 31 July-2 August 2006, Loughborough, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Alexandre Alexandrov (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Patrick Bressler (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  32. EW05-096 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Carbon-Based Nanostructured Composite Films
    Dates and location: 29 August-2 September 2006, Gdansk, Poland
    Convened by: Yves Pauleau (FR), Witold Gulbinski (PL)
    ESF Representative(s): Malgorzata Tkatchenko (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  33. EW05-025 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Links between visceral dysfunction and affective disorders
    Dates and location: 31 August-3 September 2006, Graz, Austria
    Convened by: Peter Holzer (AT)
    ESF Representative(s): Miklós Tóth (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  34. EW05-286 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Public Participation In Multi-Platform Media
    Dates and location: 1-3 September 2006, Oslo, Norway
    Convened by: Espen Ytreberg (NO), Trine Syvertsen (NO)
    ESF Representative(s): Asbjørn Rødseth (NO)
    Scientific Report:

  35. EW05-066 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Positive interactions, biodiversity and invasibility in a changing world
    Dates and location: 3-7 September 2006, Arcachon, France
    Convened by: Richard Michalet (FR), Blaise Touzard (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Reinhart Ceulemans (BE)
    Scientific Report:

  36. EW05-020 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    The brain as a target for inflammatory processes
    Dates and location: 7-9 September 2006, Berlin, Germany
    Convened by: Helmut Kettenmann (DE), Joerg Weber (DE), Frauke Zipp (DE)
    ESF Representative(s): Monika Bradl (AT)
    Scientific Report:

  37. EW05-333 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Collaborative Case Studies For A European Cultural Psychology
    Dates and location: 7-10 September 2006, Veysonnaz, Switzerland
    Convened by: Tania Zittoun (CH), Flora Cornish (UK), Alex Gillespie (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Dalina Dumitrescu (RO)
    Scientific Report:

  38. EW05-213 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Applied Logic In The Methodology Of Science
    Dates and location: 8-10 September 2006, Bristol, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Hannes Leitgeb (UK), Alexander James Bird (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Ilie Parvu (RO)
    Scientific Report:

  39. EW05-101 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Self-assembly of guanosine derivatives: from quadruplex DNA to biomolecular devices
    Dates and location: 12-15 September 2006, Bled, Slovenia
    Convened by: Irena Drevensek Olenik (SI), Paolo Mariani (IT), Lea Spindler (SI)
    ESF Representative(s): Peter Venturini (SI)
    Scientific Report:

  40. EW05-123 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Silicon/oxide Hetero-Epitaxy: A New Road Towards A Si Cmos-Compatible Resonant Tunnel Diode Technology ?
    Dates and location: 12-13 September 2006, Como, Italy
    Convened by: Gerd J. Norga (IT), Igor Zozoulenko (SE)
    Scientific Report:
    For additional information on presentations:

  41. EW05-199 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Regional Focus And Global Margin: Lake Tanganyika From C. 1700 Ad To The Present
    Dates and location: 13-16 September 2006, Bordeaux, France
    Convened by: Paul Lane (KE), Francois Bart (FR), Bernard Charlery De La Masselière (KE), Jean-Pierre Chrétien (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Rüdiger Klein (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  42. EW05-160 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Chains: The Limits Of Neutrality
    Dates and location: 14-17 September 2006, Compiègne, France
    Convened by: Jean Daillant (FR), Patrick Guenoun (FR), Carlos Manuel Marques (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Michel Mareschal (BE)
    Scientific Report:

  43. EW05-191 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Mapping (linguistic) Diversity In Multicultural Contexts
    Dates and location: 15-17 September 2006, Siena, Italy
    Convened by: Massimo Vedovelli (IT), Guus Extra (NL), Dino Pinelli (IT)
    Scientific Report:

  44. EW05-238 - HUM (formerly SCH), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Threat, Rights And Redress: Re-Imagining Terrorism And Security In Europe
    Dates and location: 15-17 September 2006, Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Graham Murdock (UK), Roberta E. Pearson (UK), John Tulloch (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Christopher Godwin (UK), Naomi Segal (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  45. EW05-303 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Outsourcing, Migration, And The European Economy: Competing Perspectives And Policy Implications
    Dates and location: 15-17 September 2006, Rome, Italy
    Convened by: Riccardo Faini (IT), Giorgio Barba Navaretti (IT), Simon John Evenett (CH)
    ESF Representative(s): Savvas Savvides (CY)
    Scientific Report:

  46. EW05-323 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Theoretical And Practical Implications For The Understanding Of Sign Language Acquisition And Its Consequences For Sign Language Assessment
    Dates and location: 15-17 September 2006, Zurich, Switzerland
    Convened by: Tobias Haug (CH)
    ESF Representative(s): Bohuslav Mánek (CZ)
    Scientific Report:

  47. EW05-122 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Computational Aspects Of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
    Dates and location: 17-21 September 2006, Salzburg, Austria
    Convened by: Erika Hausenblas (AT), Zdzislaw Brzezniak (UK), Peter Kloeden (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  48. EW05-036 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Phenology and Agroclimatology
    Dates and location: 20-23 September 2006, Volos, Greece
    Convened by: Nicolas Dalezios (GR)
    ESF Representative(s): Bernard Avril (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  49. EW05-070 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Mechanisms of desiccation tolerance
    Dates and location: 21-22 September 2006, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Alan Tunnacliffe (UK), Claudia Ricci (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Arja Kallio (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  50. EW05-085 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Very High Resolution Environmental Modelling (VHREM)
    Dates and location: 21-23 September 2006, Stuttgart, Germany
    Convened by: Alan Gadian (UK), Luca Bonaventura (IT), Stephen Mobbs (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Inge Jonckheere (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  51. EW05-200 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Freemasonry And National Identities In Europe: Levels Of Construction
    Dates and location: 27-30 September 2006, Brussels, Belgium
    Convened by: Jeffrey Tyssens (BE), Henrik Bogdan (SE), José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli (ES), Anna Maria Isastia (IT), Andreas Önnerfors (SE), Andrew Prescott (UK), Cécile Revauger (FR), Eric Saunier (FR), Anton Van De Sande (NL)
    ESF Representative(s): Bohuslav Mánek (CZ)
    Scientific Report:

  52. EW05-090 - LEE (formerly LESC), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Towards “real” comparative social cognition: Integrating theories, terminology and methods across a wide range of human and non-human animal species
    Dates and location: 4-8 October 2006, Alsóörs, Hungary
    Convened by: Zsófia Virányi (AT), Ádám Miklósi (HU)
    ESF Representative(s): Gün R. Semin (NL), Zoltán Varga (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  53. EW05-241 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Network on primary HIV infection in Europe: when and how
    Dates and location: 5-6 October 2006, Milano, Italy
    Convened by: Giuseppe Tambussi (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Carole Moquin Pattey (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  54. EW05-119 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Challenges In Java Program Verification
    Dates and location: 16-18 October 2006, Nijmegen, Netherlands
    Convened by: Reiner Hähnle (DE), Wojciech Mostowski (NL), Erik Poll (NL)
    ESF Representative(s): Kaisa Sere (FI)
    Scientific Report:

  55. EW05-013 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Health and Environmental Disparities: the case of lung disease (HED)
    Dates and location: 20-22 October 2006, Paris, France
    Convened by: Isabella Annesi-Maesano (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Cordula Stamme (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  56. EW05-250 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Identity Formation And Recognition Struggles Of Europe's Racialised Minorities In The Light Of Inequalities In Education
    Dates and location: 26-29 October 2006, Budapest, Hungary
    Convened by: Julia Szalai (HU), Vera Messing (HU), Maria Neményi (HU)
    ESF Representative(s): Bernd Simon (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  57. EW05-309 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Religious Ngos, Civil Society And The Aid System
    Dates and location: 8-10 November 2006, Oslo, Norway
    Convened by: Terje Tvedt (NO), Paul Opoku-Mensah (DK)
    ESF Representative(s): Tiina Forsman (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  58. EW05-065 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Invasion of European Shores by Sargassum Muticum: Research Integration towards the Future
    Dates and location: 9-12 November 2006, Faro, Portugal
    Convened by: Aschwin Hillebrand Engelen (PT), Rui Orlando Santos (PT)
    Scientific Report:

  59. EW05-130 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Exotic Radionuclides From Accelerator Waste For Science And Technology
    Dates and location: 15-17 November 2006, Villigen, Switzerland
    Convened by: Dorothea Schumann (CH), Zsolt Fulop (HU), Franz Kaeppeler (DE), Gunther Korschinek (DE), Frank Rösch (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  60. EW05-107 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Advances And Opportunities in Freeform Ultra-Precision Micromanufacturing Technologies
    Dates and location: 22-23 November 2006, Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Dragos Axinte (UK), Leonardo De Chiffre (DK)
    Scientific Report:
    For additional information on presentations:

  61. EW05-135 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Physics Of The Cell: From Single Molecules To Collective Behavior
    Dates and location: 29 November-1 December 2006, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Felix Ritort (ES), Ignacio Pagonabarraga (ES)
    ESF Representative(s): José Cardoso Menezes (PT), Joseph Klafter (IL)
    Scientific Report:

  62. EW05-284 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The Third Sector In A Changing Europe: Key Trends And Challenges
    Dates and location: 6-8 December 2006, Budapest, Hungary
    Convened by: Gyorgy Jenei (HU), Stephen Osborne (UK), Victor Pestoff (SE)
    ESF Representative(s): Berry J. Bonenkamp (FR)
    Scientific Report:
    For additional information on presentations:

  63. EW05-010 - MED (formerly EMRC), HUM (formerly SCH)

    Metacognition and mental state monitoring
    Dates and location: 7-9 December 2006, Paris, France
    Convened by: Joëlle Proust (FR), Bernard Renault (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Agnès Gruart (ES), Gretty M. Mirdal (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  64. EW05-248 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Making Sense In The City
    Dates and location: 17-20 December 2006, Ghent, Belgium
    Convened by: Hendrik Pinxten (BE), Arie De Ruijter (NL), André Gingrich (AT), Josep Ribera (ES)
    ESF Representative(s): Henk Stronkhorst (FR)
    Scientific Report: