2. July 2015

Publication of book: Portrait of a Lady

An ESF Exploratory Workshop 'Portrait of a Lady: Women in Science' was convened by Sveva Avveduto in September 2013 and has resulted in a book [more]

29. July 2009

New links between dreams and psychosis could revive dream therapy in psychiatry

Similarities in brain activity during lucid dreaming and psychosis suggest that dream therapy may be useful in psychiatric treatment, a European Science Foundation (ESF) workshop has found. This is strengthened by the potential evolutionary relationship between dreams and psychosis.Lucid dreaming –... [more]

11. May 2009

Mathematical advances strengthen IT security

Rapidly rising cyber crime and the growing prospect of the Internet being used as a medium for terrorist attacks pose a major challenge for IT security. Cryptography is central to this challenge, since it underpins privacy, confidentiality, and identity, which together provide the fabric for... [more]

19. January 2009

European evolutionary biologists rally behind Richard Dawkins’ Extended Phenotype

Richard Dawkins’ Extended Phenotype (EP) concept is as relevant now as when it was first proposed 26 years ago and is not at odds with other evolutionary explanations. This was the conclusion of a recent workshop on the Extended Phenotype, organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF). The EP... [more]

24. December 2008

Understanding how infectious diseases spread depends on unlocking secrets held in existing data

Often experiments are needed to make scientific progress, but sometimes the answers lie in data already collected, requiring new analysis tools to unlock the secrets. This applies to infectious disease transmission, main topic of a recent workshop organised by the European Science Foundation (ESF),... [more]

23. December 2008

Muslims embrace performing arts to heal cultural rifts and reach out to their people

The Danish cartoon affair was an important milestone in Europe’s ongoing integration of its fast growing Muslim population. The fallout from this affair, along with other events such as the July 2005 bombings in London, has increased the urgency of achieving a long lasting accommodation between... [more]

19. December 2008

Going digital – new challenges for community radio

Community broadcasting, which is owned and managed by citizen groups and members of civil society, has gained foothold on local FM and AM radio across Europe since the 1980s. These media outlets have not only been serving as valuable tools for local empowerment and cultural diversity,... [more]

12. December 2008

Astrophysicists recreate stars in the lab

Greater understanding of energetic processes in stars could accelerate development of clean energy from nuclear fusion. ESF project brings together astronomical theory, observation and experiment  [more]

11. December 2008

Mathematical models of adaptive immunity

More than five million people die every year from infectious diseases, despite the availability of numerous antibiotics and vaccines.  The discovery of penicillin to treat bacterial infections, along with the development of vaccines for previously incurable virus diseases such as polio and... [more]

1. December 2008

European Science Foundation announces plans for International Year of Astronomy 2009

The European Science Foundation (ESF) has announced a series of activities and initiatives that will significantly widen the support for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009), a global initiative which aims to stimulate worldwide interest in astronomy and science. The ESF announcement... [more]

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