Workshops List

31 ESF Exploratory Workshops in 2012:

  1. EW11-114 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Mediating The Past: Memory Practices Between Social Cohesion And Fragmentation
    Dates and location: 14-16 March 2012, Braunschweig, Germany
    Convened by: Felicitas Macgilchrist (DE), Geert Jacobs (BE)
    ESF Representative(s): Naomi Segal (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  2. EW11-057 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Polaritonics: From Basic Research To Device Applications
    Dates and location: 20-23 March 2012, Rome, Italy
    Convened by: Alexey Kavokin (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Ana Helman (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  3. EW11-040 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Towards A Global Synthesis Of Methane Fluxes From Land Ecosystems
    Dates and location: 10-12 April 2012, Hamburg, Germany
    Convened by: Lars Kutzbach (DE), Patrick Crill (SE), Miguel Mahecha (DE), Timo Vesala (FI)
    ESF Representative(s): Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza (IT)
    Scientific Report:
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  4. EW11-002 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Around Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Dissection And Exploitation Of Secretory Activity Of MSC For Regenerative Medicine And Anticancer Therapies
    Dates and location: 11-13 April 2012, Bologna, Italy
    Convened by: Nicola Baldini (IT), Massimo Dominici (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Isabel Varela-Nieto (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  5. EW11-171 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Cognition Of Early Polyphony: Bringing Together Humanities And Sciences
    Dates and location: 12-15 April 2012, Graz, Austria
    Convened by: Richard Parncutt (AT)
    ESF Representative(s): Csaba Pléh (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  6. EW11-189 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Fiscal Policy At The Regional Level And Intergovernmental Relations
    Dates and location: 15-18 April 2012, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Juan González Alegre (ES)
    ESF Representative(s): Etienne Franchineau (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  7. EW11-034 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    The Neolithic Of Arabia: New Paradigms And Future Perspectives
    Dates and location: 24-27 April 2012, Lyon, France
    Convened by: Philipp Drechsler (DE), Rémy Crassard (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Csaba Pléh (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  8. EW11-023 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Conceptualising European Landscapes Across Languages, Cultures, And Disciplines
    Dates and location: 1-4 May 2012, Las Navas del Marqués (Province of Ávila), Spain
    Convened by: Niclas Burenhult (SE), Werner Kuhn (DE), David Mark (US)
    ESF Representative(s): Graham Fairclough (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  9. EW11-139 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Putting Science On The Air In Europe, 1920s To 1980s
    Dates and location: 3-5 May 2012, Berlin, Germany
    Convened by: Arne Schirrmacher (DE)
    ESF Representative(s): Jan Jirák (CZ)
    Scientific Report:
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  10. EW11-068 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Uncertainty Management In Simulation-Optimization Of Complex Systems: Algorithms And Applications
    Dates and location: 9-12 May 2012, Rome, Italy
    Convened by: Carlo Meloni (IT), Gabriella Dellino (IT)

  11. EW11-006 - LEE (formerly LESC), MED (formerly EMRC)

    Setting the future for water and health research
    Dates and location: 21-22 May 2012, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Cristina Villanueva Belmonte (ES), Emmanouil (Manolis) Kogevinas (ES), Patrick Levallois (CA)
    ESF Representative(s): Carlos Segovia Perez (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  12. EW11-141 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Systems Of Tax Evasion And Laundering
    Dates and location: 21-22 May 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Convened by: Leonard Seabrooke (DK), Duncan Wigan (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  13. EW11-083 - HUM (formerly SCH), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Being European: Film, Television, Cultural Policy And Everyday Life
    Dates and location: 23-25 May 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Convened by: Ib Bondebjerg (DK), Andrew Higson (UK), Caroline Pauwels (BE)
    ESF Representative(s): Balázs Kiss (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  14. EW11-097 - HUM (formerly SCH), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Follow-Ups Across Discourse Domains: A Cross-Cultural Exploration Of Their Forms And Functions In Political Discourse
    Dates and location: 31 May-2 June 2012, Würzburg, Germany
    Convened by: Anita Fetzer (DE), Elda Weizman (IL)

  15. EW11-227 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The Resilience Of Neo-Liberalism In Europe
    Dates and location: 24-26 June 2012, Paris, France
    Convened by: Mark Thatcher (UK), Vivien Schmidt (US)
    ESF Representative(s): Lise Kjølsrød (NO)
    Scientific Report:

  16. EW11-095 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    European Cinema’s Transnational History: The Mapping Of Exile And Migration Patterns Across Europe’s Film Industries, 1933-1945
    Dates and location: 9-11 July 2012, Southampton, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Tim Bergfelder (UK), Valeria Camporesi (ES)
    ESF Representative(s): José María Faraldo Jarillo (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  17. EW11-027 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Geomicrobiology In Glacial Systems
    Dates and location: 7-10 August 2012, Sogndal, Norway
    Convened by: Jacob Yde (NO), Kai Finster (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  18. EW11-063 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Interfaces Of Noncommutative Geometry With The Representation Theory Of Hopf Algebras And Artin Algebras
    Dates and location: 7-10 August 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
    Convened by: Atabey Kaygun (TR), Muge Kanuni Er (TR), Ulrich Kraehmer (UK)
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  19. EW11-223 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Rethinking Older Age: Transnational Migration, Home And Cultures Of Care
    Dates and location: 22-25 August 2012, Helsinki, Finland
    Convened by: Lena Näre (FI), Katie Walsh (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Balázs Kiss (HU)
    Scientific Report:

  20. EW11-140 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Re-Inventions Of Early-European Performing Arts And The Creative City, Civic Regeneration And Cultural Tourism
    Dates and location: 9-12 September 2012, Budapest, Hungary
    Convened by: Pamela King (UK), Jane W. Davidson (AU), Erik Hitters (NL), Nils Holger Petersen (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  21. EW11-216 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    New Perspectives On Gamete And Embryo Donation: Ethics, Kinship And Citizenship In A Globalised World
    Dates and location: 11-12 September 2012, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Roisin Ryan-Flood (UK), Jenny Gunnarsson-Payne (SE)
    Scientific Report:

  22. EW11-010 - PEN (formerly PESC), MED (formerly EMRC)

    Physics Of Cancer
    Dates and location: 13-15 September 2012, Varenna, Italy
    Convened by: Stefano Zapperi (IT), Caterina La Porta (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Marcela Morvova (SK), Giovanni Pacini (IT)
    Scientific Report:
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  23. EW11-145 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Speaking, Thinking And Gesturing In Two Languages
    Dates and location: 13-15 September 2012, Reading, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Jeanine Treffers-Daller (UK), Panos Athanasopoulos (UK)
    ESF Representative(s): Hanne Ruus (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  24. EW11-153 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    The Materiality Of Light: Designing With Light And Energy Flows
    Dates and location: 19-21 September 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Convened by: Mette Thomsen (DK), Carole Collet (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  25. EW11-231 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The Two Sides Of The Coin: Gypsy Economies Between The State And The Market
    Dates and location: 20-23 September 2012, Lisbon, Portugal
    Convened by: Micol Brazzabeni (PT), Tomáš Hrustic (SK), Manuela Ivone Paredes Pereira Da Cunha (PT)
    ESF Representative(s): Volkmar Lauber (AT)
    Scientific Report:

  26. EW11-196 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Immigrant China
    Dates and location: 3-6 October 2012, Angers, France
    Convened by: Wei Shen (FR), Frank Pieke (NL)
    ESF Representative(s): Rainer Kattel (EE)
    Scientific Report:

  27. EW11-017 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Plague And Natural Hosts – Evolutionary Interactions
    Dates and location: 8-10 October 2012, Oslo, Norway
    Convened by: Nils Christian Stenseth (NO)
    ESF Representative(s): Tanel Tenson (EE)
    Scientific Report:

  28. EW11-124 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Wool Economy In The Ancient Near East And The Aegean: From The Beginnings Of Sheep Husbandry To Institutional Textile Industry
    Dates and location: 7-10 November 2012, Nanterre, France
    Convened by: Cécile Michel (FR), Catherine Breniquet (FR)
    ESF Representative(s): Bernhard Palme (AT)
    Scientific Report:

  29. EW11-166 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Articulate | Accentuate. Understanding The Emergent Regulatory Framework Governing Public Sector Data
    Dates and location: 7-9 November 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Convened by: Mireille Marie Madeleine van Eechoud (NL), Lionel Bently (UK), Jos Dumortier (BE), Katleen Janssen (BE)
    ESF Representative(s): Akile Gürsoy (TR)
    Scientific Report:

  30. EW11-170 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Circular Migrant Domestic Workers In European Societies. New Insights Into An Old Phenomenon
    Dates and location: 21-23 November 2012, Florence, Italy
    Convened by: Sabrina Marchetti (IT), Anna Triandafyllidou (IT)
    ESF Representative(s): Lisbeth B. Knudsen (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  31. EW11-012 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Gene-Environment Interactions And The Distribution Of Periodontitis In Europe.
    Dates and location: 26-27 November 2012, Aarhus, Denmark
    Convened by: Rodrigo Lopez (DK)
    ESF Representative(s): Giovanni Pacini (IT)
    Scientific Report: