Workshops List

28 ESF Exploratory Workshops in 2013:

  1. EW12-064 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Making Europe: The Social Sciences And The Production Of European Integration
    Dates and location: 3-5 February 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Convened by: Rebecca Adler-Nissen (DK), Kristoffer Kropp (DK)
    ESF Representative(s): Diego de la Hoz del Hoyo (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  2. EW12-041 - PEN (formerly PESC), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Towards A Virtual Institute For The Measurement, Evaluation And Management Of Open Online Communities
    Dates and location: 5-7 February 2013, Brest, France
    Convened by: Nicolas Jullien (FR), Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona (ES), Felipe Ortega (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  3. EW12-124 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Leisure Mobility, International Development And Climate Change: Creating An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda
    Dates and location: 11-13 March 2013, Oxford, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Peter Burns (UK), Moshe Givoni (IL)
    Scientific Report:

  4. EW12-023 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    The Molecular Identification Of Organic Compounds In The Atmosphere
    Dates and location: 24-28 March 2013, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Barbara Noziere (FR), Magda Claeys (BE), Markus Kalberer (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  5. EW12-017 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Marine Woodborers: New Frontiers For European Waters
    Dates and location: 14-16 April 2013, Venice, Italy
    Convened by: Davide Tagliapietra (IT), Erica Keppel (IT), Marco Sigovini (IT)
    Scientific Report:
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  6. EW12-002 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Early Diagnosis Of Cancer In Primary Health Care
    Dates and location: 6-8 May 2013, Gumslöv, Sweden
    Convened by: Michael Harris (UK), Peter Vedsted (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  7. EW12-125 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Mapping The Digital News Ecosystem: Professional Journalism, New Producers And Active Audiences In The Digital Public Sphere
    Dates and location: 8-11 May 2013, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: David Domingo (BE), Pere Masip (ES), Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  8. EW12-136 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Public Service Media Management – In Search For New Models Of Public Service Media In The Era Of Social Change And New Technologies
    Dates and location: 12-14 May 2013, Warsaw, Poland
    Convened by: Michal Glowacki (PL), Lizzie (elizabeth) Jackson (UK)
    Scientific Report:
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  9. EW12-019 - LEE (formerly LESC), MED (formerly EMRC)

    Noise In Decision Making: Theory Meets Experiment
    Dates and location: 28-31 May 2013, Sant Fruitós de Bages (Barcelona), Spain
    Convened by: Klaus Wimmer (ES), Albert Compte (ES), Jaime De La Rocha (ES), Gustavo Deco (ES), Alexander Roxin (ES)
    Scientific Report:
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  10. EW12-046 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Breaking the Grounds for an Arabic Etymological Dictionary
    Dates and location: 21-24 June 2013, Oslo, Norway
    Convened by: Stephan Guth (NO), Lutz Edzard (NO), Catherine Pennacchio (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  11. EW12-114 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    From Numbers To Knowledge – 20 Years Of Spatial-Numerical Associations
    Dates and location: 10-12 September 2013, Potsdam, Germany
    Convened by: Martin Herbert Fischer (DE), Oliver Lindemann (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  12. EW12-026 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Defect-Assembled Soft Matter For Nanoscience And Biotechnology
    Dates and location: 13-16 September 2013, Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia
    Convened by: Samo Kralj (SI), Epifanio Virga (IT)
    Scientific Report:
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  13. EW12-013 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Glacier-Fed Rivers, Hydroecology And Climate Change; Current Knowledge And Future Network Of Monitoring Sites
    Dates and location: 15-18 September 2013, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Alexander Milner (UK), Hannah David (UK), Dean Jacobsen (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  14. EW12-062 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Knowing About Mediation: Understanding Communication In Enlightenment Europe
    Dates and location: 15-18 September 2013, Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Convened by: James Raven (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  15. EW12-098 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Agencing Markets
    Dates and location: 17-20 September 2013, Cargèse, France
    Convened by: Pascale Trompette (FR), Franck Cochoy (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  16. EW12-097 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Ageing And Social Innovation
    Dates and location: 22-24 September 2013, Lund, Sweden
    Convened by: Alan Walker (UK), Susanne Iwarsson (SE)
    Scientific Report:

  17. EW12-153 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Portrait of a Lady: Women in Science. Participation, issues and perspectives in a globalized research system
    Dates and location: 22-24 September 2013, Rome, Italy
    Convened by: Sveva Avveduto (IT)
    Scientific Report:

  18. EW12-028 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    High Energy Tidal Disruption Events: Looking At The Future
    Dates and location: 23-26 September 2013, Favignana, Italy
    Convened by: Elena Rossi (NL), Giuseppe Lodato (IT)
    Scientific Report:

  19. EW12-100 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Bridging Interdisciplinatory Approaches Of Team Learning In Education And Professional Life
    Dates and location: 23-25 September 2013, Leuven, Belgium
    Convened by: Filip Dochy (BE), Sanna Järvelä (FI)
    Scientific Report:

  20. EW12-033 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    New Approaches To Multiple Zeta Values
    Dates and location: 29 September-3 October 2013, Madrid, Spain
    Convened by: Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard (ES), Luis Álvarez-Cónsul (ES), José Ignacio Burgos Gil (ES), Marina Logares (ES), Dominique Manchon (FR), Juanjo Rué Perna (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  21. EW12-077 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Re-Valuing Aestheticism And Modernism Through Their (dis)credited Figures. Aesthetics, Ethics And Economics 1860-1940.
    Dates and location: 1-5 October 2013, Montpellier, France
    Convened by: Christine Reynier (FR), Bénédicte Coste (FR), Catherine Delyfer (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  22. EW12-069 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Monasteries In The Shadow Of Empires: Comparative Approaches To The Role Of The Cistercian And Franciscan Orders In European State Building (twelfth To Fifteenth Centuries)
    Dates and location: 7-9 October 2013, Eichstätt, Germany
    Convened by: Anne Müller (UK), Janet Burton (UK), Karen Stöber (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  23. EW12-075 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Promised Lands, Internal Colonisation In 20th Century Mediterranean History
    Dates and location: 7-10 October 2013, Rome, Italy
    Convened by: Axel Fisher (BE), Cristóbal Gómez Benito (ES), Simone Misiani (IT)
    Scientific Report:

  24. EW12-031 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Multi-Scale Methods For Waves And Transport Processes In Fusion Plasmas: The Legacy Of Grigory Pereverzev
    Dates and location: 13-16 October 2013, Garching Bei München, Germany
    Convened by: Omar Maj (DE), Clemente Angioni (DE), Emiliano Fable (DE), Eric Sonnendrücker (DE)
    Scientific Report:
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  25. EW12-015 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Impact Of Natural And Anthropogenic Pyrogenic Carbon In Mediterranean Ecosystems
    Dates and location: 5-7 November 2013, Seville, Spain
    Convened by: José María De La Rosa Arranz (ES), Heike Knicker (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  26. EW12-096 - HUM (formerly SCH), SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Affectivity And Liminality: Conceptualizing The Dynamics Of Suspended Transition
    Dates and location: 17-19 November 2013, Brighton, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Paul Stenner (UK), Megan Clinch (UK), Monica Greco (UK), Johanna Motzkau (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  27. EW12-058 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Field/station/arctic/tropic – Ethnographies Of Scientific Enclosure And Field-Work
    Dates and location: 26-30 November 2013, Finse, Norway
    Convened by: Paul Wenzel Geissler (NO), Ann Kelly (UK), John Manton (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  28. EW12-145 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The Crisis Of European Cosmopolitanism In The Age Of Austerity: Multiculturalism And Colonial Legacies
    Dates and location: 9-11 December 2013, Coventry, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Gurminder Bhambra (UK), Robbie Shilliam (UK)
    Scientific Report: