Workshops List

27 ESF Exploratory Workshops in 2014:

  1. EW13-161 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Social Quality In Europe
    Dates and location: 19-21 February 2014, Vienna, Austria
    Convened by: Claire Wallace (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  2. EW13-050 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Breakthrough Technologies To Advance Diving-Based Underwater Research In The Next Decade
    Dates and location: 17-19 March 2014, Heraklion, Greece
    Convened by: Martin Sayer (UK), Philipp Fischer (DE), Maria Salomidi (GR)
    Scientific Report:

  3. EW13-196 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Business And Human Rights: Bringing Management And Law Together In Research Through A European Research Platform
    Dates and location: 19-21 March 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Convened by: Karin Buhmann (DK)
    Scientific Report:

  4. EW13-138 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    The Urbanization Of Nature. Environmental Narratives, Technologies And Power In The City
    Dates and location: 20-22 March 2014, Darmstadt, Germany
    Convened by: Dieter Schott (DE), Bert De Munck (BE), Tim Soens (BE), Michael Toyka-Seid (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  5. EW13-093 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    East European Prosecution Of Nazi War Crimes In The Soviet Union And Poland, From A Local To A Transnational Perspective.
    Dates and location: 27-30 March 2014, Berlin, Germany
    Convened by: Catherine Gousseff (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  6. EW13-042 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Oceanic Heat Transport To Floating Glaciers In Antarctica
    Dates and location: 12-15 May 2014, Lerici, Italy
    Convened by: Anna Wahlin (SE), Stefano Aliani (IT), Svein Østerhus (NO)
    Scientific Report:

  7. EW13-203 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Interrogating Interculturalism As A New Paradigm: Assessing Foundations and Policies
    Dates and location: 28 May-1 June 2014, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Ricard Zapata-Barrero (ES), Tariq Modood (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  8. EW13-002 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Enhancing The Quality And Safety Of Pharmacotherapy In Old Age
    Dates and location: 12-14 June 2014, Antwerp-Ghent, Belgium
    Convened by: Monique Elseviers (BE), Robert Vander Stichele (BE)
    Scientific Report:

  9. EW13-085 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Reconnection Events In Classical, Quantum And Magnetized Fluids
    Dates and location: 16-18 June 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Andrew Baggaley (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  10. EW13-160 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Government Transparency: Towards A Shared Understanding Of A Fuzzy Concept
    Dates and location: 30 June-1 July 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Convened by: Albert Meijer (NL), Martial Pasquier (CH), Jean-Patrick Villeneuve (CH)
    Scientific Report:

  11. EW13-198 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Socio-Legal Models Of Care Order Proceedings In Europe
    Dates and location: 19-22 August 2014, Cork, Ireland
    Convened by: Kenneth Burns (IE), Tarja Anne Pösö (FI), Marit Skivenes (NO)
    Scientific Report:

  12. EW13-057 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    EU Future Aquaponics
    Dates and location: 31 August-3 September 2014, London, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Benz Kotzen (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  13. EW13-239 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The Future Of Patent Governance In Europe
    Dates and location: 31 August-2 September 2014, Hamburg, Germany
    Convened by: Ingrid Schneider (DE), Esther Van Zimmeren (BE)
    Scientific Report:
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  14. EW13-064 - PEN (formerly PESC), HUM (formerly SCH)

    Combining Learning And Symbolic Analysis For Software Documentation And Mastering Change
    Dates and location: 9-11 September 2014, Darmstadt, Germany
    Convened by: Reiner Hähnle (DE), Ulf Brefeld (DE)
    Scientific Report:

  15. EW13-082 - PEN (formerly PESC), HUM (formerly SCH)

    Maths Meets Myths
    Dates and location: 10-13 September 2014, Coventry, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Ralf Kenna (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  16. EW13-195 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Transgender And Political Science In Europe: A Comparative Approach
    Dates and location: 16-19 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium
    Convened by: Joz Motmans (BE), Surya Monro (UK), Janneke Vanderros (NO)
    Scientific Report:

  17. EW13-067 - PEN (formerly PESC)

    Quantum Technologies Based On Hybrid Emitter - Solid State Systems
    Dates and location: 21-25 September 2014, Strasbourg, France
    Convened by: Guido Pupillo (FR), Claudiu Genes (AT), Philipp Treutlein (CH)
    Scientific Report:
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  18. EW13-017 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Regulating Stem Cell-Based Regenerative Medicine: New Ethical Challenges For Europe
    Dates and location: 1-3 October 2014, Toulouse, France
    Convened by: Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  19. EW13-209 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The Effectiveness of Voluntary Sustainability Standards
    Dates and location: 1-3 October 2014, Leuven, Belgium
    Convened by: Axel Marx (BE), Jan Wouters (BE)
    Scientific Report:

  20. EW13-210 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    Critical Justice: An Exploration of the Limits and Potential of Restorative Justice to Address Crimes, Conflicts and Injustices in Intercultural Europe.
    Dates and location: 15-17 October 2014, Leuven, Belgium
    Convened by: Ivo Aertsen (BE), Brunilda Pali (BE)
    Scientific Report:

  21. EW13-174 - SOC (formerly SCSS)

    The External Policy Of The European Union After Lisbon: The Insights From Innovations In Ir Theory
    Dates and location: 16-17 October 2014, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Robert Kissack (ES), Jamal Shahin (NL)
    Scientific Report:

  22. EW13-126 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Borders Through Time And Space: Towards An Ontology
    Dates and location: 29-31 October 2014, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Solange Chavel (FR)
    Scientific Report:

  23. EW13-107 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    The Sea Peoples Up-To-Date. New Research On The Migration Of Peoples In The 12th Century Bce
    Dates and location: 2-5 November 2014, Vienna, Austria
    Convened by: Peter Fischer (SE)
    Scientific Report:

  24. EW13-039 - LEE (formerly LESC)

    Tracking Changes In Plant Species Diversity Over The Last 400 Million Years
    Dates and location: 10-13 November 2014, Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Christopher Cleal (UK), Heather Pardoe (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  25. EW13-156 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Reassessing The Role Of Late Troubadour Culture In European Heritage
    Dates and location: 12-16 November 2014, Girona, Spain
    Convened by: Miriam Cabré Ollé (ES)
    Scientific Report:

  26. EW13-149 - HUM (formerly SCH)

    Definitions Of Paganism In Late Antiquity, Medieval Christianity And Islam
    Dates and location: 27-29 November 2014, Munich, Germany
    Convened by: Robert van den Berg (NL), Peter Adamson (DE), John Marenbon (UK)
    Scientific Report:

  27. EW13-011 - MED (formerly EMRC)

    Use of non-anonymized human genome sequence in research: Science and policy
    Dates and location: 9-11 December 2014, Heidelberg, Germany
    Convened by: Michele Garfinkel (DE)
    Scientific Report: