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Imagining Chaos – The State Of Exception In Law And Fiction

ESF Exploratory Workshop - SOC (formerly SCSS)

Convened by: Isak Winkel Holm (DK), Henrik Palmer Olsen (DK)

Location: 8-10 December 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark


disaster fiction; disaster discourse; discourse theory; state of exception; legal theory


This conference will focus on one decisive discursive scheme of modern disaster discourse, namely the state of exception. In recent years, the collapse of legal structures has been a prominent theme in legal studies (Gross, Dyzenhaus, Sarat, etc.) as well as in the cultural studies (Agamben, Hardt & Negri, Santner, etc.). Until now, however, there has been no effort to unite the legal and the cultural studies approach on the field of disaster research. This is the task of the cross-disciplinary conference "Imagining Chaos – The State of Exception in Law and Fiction".

Preliminary programme and Provisional list of participant

(for information purposes only - this meeting is not open to the public)

  • Preliminary programme and List of Participants  



Isak Winkel Holm
Department for Arts and Cultural Studies
University of Copenhagen
1, Karen Blixens Vej
2300 Copenhagen, S
Henrik Palmer Olsen
Centre for Studies in Legal Culture
University of Copenhagen

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