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Enhancing The Quality And Safety Of Pharmacotherapy In Old Age

ESF Exploratory Workshop - MED (formerly EMRC)

Convened by: Monique Elseviers (BE), Robert Vander Stichele (BE)

Location: 12-14 June 2014, Antwerp-Ghent, Belgium


Frail elderly; nursing home residents; polypharmacy; prescribing quality; potentially inappropriate medication


Poly-pharmacy in old people is associated with increased prescribing of potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) and an increased risk of adverse drug events (ADE). The ESF expert meeting will focus on pharmaceutical care, aiming to gather more insight in ADE problems and to discuss over- under and misuse of medication in old age. Expected scientific impact will mainly be situated in the effort to judge and select the most valuable indicators. The final objective will be to develop an adapted set of prescribing quality indicators useful for the regular electronic monitoring of the quality of prescribing in the elderly.

Preliminary programme and Provisional list of participant

(for information purposes only - this meeting is not open to the public)

  • Preliminary programme and List of Participants  



Monique Elseviers
Department of Nursing Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Antwerp
CDE R3.29 Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Robert Vander Stichele
Heymans Institute of Clinical Pharmacology
Ghent University

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