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Reassessing The Role Of Late Troubadour Culture In European Heritage

ESF Exploratory Workshop - HUM (formerly SCH)

Convened by: Miriam Cabré Ollé (ES)

Location: 12-16 November 2014, Girona, Spain


Troubadour culture; European cultural heritage; medieval literature; historical background; digital libraries


Troubadour culture is fully acknowledged as one of the pillars of a common European heritage. However, there is a surprisingly large number of fairly unexplored areas on our knowledge of how this came to be and, what is more, numerous misconceptions, mostly of Romantic origin, are still being repeated and have rarely been reassessed. This workshop intends to gather scholars who have recently challenged this paradigm from different approaches and disciplinary fields with the scope of discussing what further research is necessary to change this out-dated view and giving them a forum to prepare future networking and collaborative work.

Preliminary programme and Provisional list of participant

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  • Preliminary programme and List of Participants  



Miriam Cabré Ollé
Institut de Llengua I Cultura Catalanes
University of Girona
Pl. Ferrater Mora, 1
17071 Girona, Catalonia

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