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ESF Exploratory Workshop - HUM (formerly SCH)

Convened by: Gijs Mom (NL)

Location: 11-13 June 2009, Helmond, Netherlands


international travel history; 'package' tourism; regions; identities; resorts


This proposal begins to rectify historians' neglect of the development, since the 1930s, of international European bus and coach travel, in conjunction and competition with other transport modes. It lays the groundwork for research on vehicle manufacture, road infrastructure, traffic flows of migrants and tourists, route and destination patterns, the direction of the traveller's 'gaze', and the travel experience, looking at individual countries as well as Europe as a whole.

Preliminary programme and Provisional list of participant

(for information purposes only - this meeting is not open to the public)

  • Preliminary programme and List of Participants  



Gijs Mom
Department of Technology Management
Eindhoven University of Technology
Foundation for the History of Technology
P.O. Box 513
IPO Building, Room 2.33
5600 MB Eindhoven

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