Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry


19 October 2011, The Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland

in the presence of Sean Sherlock T.D., Minister for Research and Innovation, Ireland

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FLMI Final report

ESF Forward Look on Mathematics & Industry - Final Report 




Mathematics provides a universal framework for innovation, which is vital for society and industry. However, the interaction between mathematics and industry is far from optimal. Consequently, a strong inter-connected community and a vision for Europe are needed more than ever.

This Forward Look is aimed at analysing the current state of interaction between mathematics and Industry. Through its analyses and recommendations, it will enable the scientific and industrial communities, together with policy makers, to develop medium to long-term strategies for future research activities and applications. It is expected that it will impact society by strengthening the mathematical knowledge base of a wide spectrum of research-intensive industries. One key goal is thus to define well-adapted and ambitious research and political agendas at national and European levels.

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Activities in 2010

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- Final Conference, Belgian Presidency of the EU, Brussels, 2nd December 2010

Activities in 2009

- Kick-off Meeting, CNR, Rome, 16 - 17 April 2009
- Workshop of WG1, Lund, 30 May 2009
- Workshop of WG2, Berlin, 10 June 2009
- Workshop of WG 1 and WG3, Berlin , 15 June 2009
- Workshop of WG1, Wroclaw, 27 - 30 August 2009
- Workshop of WG1, Dresden, 10 September 2009
- Alignment Workshop, ESF, Strasbourg, 16 - 17 November 2009 read article