All Current and Completed Forward Looks

FARQUEST - A Foresight Activity on Research in Quantum Information Science and European Strategy Development is the only Forward Look that is still active. Its final report is coming soon.

Technological Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress (TECHBREAK) and Media Studies: new media and new literacies (MEDIA) have published reports in 2014 - see the news section for additional information and click here to check out all Forward Look publications.

Project TitleStart DateLeadAffiliated
Ageing, Health and Pensions in Europe2008SOC (formerly SCSS)MED (formerly EMRC)
Central and Eastern Europe beyond Transition: Convergence and Divergence in Europe 2009SOC (formerly SCSS) 
Cultural Diversity, Collective Identity and Collective Action2002SOC (formerly SCSS) 
Earth System Science: Global Problems, Global Science - Europe's future role in global change research2001LEE (formerly LESC)SOC (formerly SCSS)
European Computational Science Forum: The Lincei Initiative: from Computers to Scientific Excellence2006PEN (formerly PESC)LEE (formerly LESC)
European Food Systems in a Changing World2006LEE (formerly LESC)MED (formerly EMRC) - HUM (formerly SCH) - SOC (formerly SCSS) - COST
FARQUEST - A Foresight Activity on Research in Quantum Information Science and European Strategy Development2010PEN (formerly PESC) 
Gene Environment Interaction in Chronic Disease2009MED (formerly EMRC) 
Higher Education in Europe Beyond 2010: Resolving Conflicting Social and Economic Expectations2006SOC (formerly SCSS)HUM (formerly SCH)
Immigration and the Construction of Identities in Contemporary Europe 2002HUM (formerly SCH) 
Implementation of Medical Research into Clinical Practice - A Growing Challenge2008MED (formerly EMRC) 
Investigator-Driven Clinical Trials2007MED (formerly EMRC) 
Mathematics and Industry in Europe2009PEN (formerly PESC) 
Media Studies: new Media and new Literacies2012HUM (formerly SCH)SOC (formerly SCSS)
Nanomedicine2003MED (formerly EMRC) 
Nanosciences and the Long Term Evolution of Information Technology2001PEN (formerly PESC) 
NuPECC Long Range Plan 2010 (Perspectives for Nuclear Physics Research in Europe)2009NuPECCPEN (formerly PESC)
Personalised Medicine for the European Citizen - Towards more precise Medicine for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Disease2010MED (formerly EMRC)LEE (formerly LESC) - SOC (formerly SCSS) - HUM (formerly SCH) - PEN (formerly PESC)
Responses to environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth (RESCUE)2009LEE (formerly LESC)PEN (formerly PESC) - HUM (formerly SCH) - SOC (formerly SCSS) - COST
RNA World: a new frontier in biomedical research2007MED (formerly EMRC)LEE (formerly LESC)
Security - Advancing a Framework for Enquiry (SAFE)2007HUM (formerly SCH)SOC (formerly SCSS)
Systems Biology2004MED (formerly EMRC)LEE (formerly LESC) - PEN (formerly PESC)
Technology Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress2009ESSC 
Urban Science2002SOC (formerly SCSS)MED (formerly EMRC) -  LEE (formerly LESC) - PEN (formerly PESC) - HUM (formerly SCH)