Technological Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress (TECHBREAK)

This proposal was initiated as a request from the European Space Agency (ESA) and will deliver its final report in February 2014.

In space sciences, as well as in “mainstream” science, the development of innovative technologies opens new fields of research and provides sophisticated new tools for scientists... (more>>)

Thematic workshops

Four Working Groups were established during the kick-off conference in order to prepare thematic workshops in the technological areas of (1) advanced materials and nanostructures; (2) nanosystems and microelectronics; (3) photonics, energy and propulsion; (4) biotechnologies.

Three workshops have taken place in addition to the kick-off conference:

  • Advanced materials and nanostructures, Obernai, France, 27-28 September 2011
  • Multi-thematic workshop (nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, advanced materials, advanced propulsion), Brussels, Belgium, 22-23 February 2012
  • Photonics and plasmonics workshop, ICFO Barcelona, Spain, 27 March 2013

Kick-off conference

The kick-off conference took place in Brussels on:
Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 November, 2010

  • Download the presentations made at the conference PAGE
  • Download the conference programme PDF

Support Documents

  • Report on Materials for KETs - ESF's MatSEEC Expert Committee on materials science PDF 
  • ESPI preparatory study (June final draft - PDF 138 pages, 2.5 MB)
  • Technological Readiness Level (TRL) definition PDF
  • Funding for high-risk research at the Academy of Finland (06/2007) PDF
  • EU KET-related documents and links

    • KET High-level Group Final Report PDF
    • KET High-level Group web site URL

    • EC communication SEC(2009)1257 PDF
    • EC DG-ENT presentation on KETs (PPT)
  • Enhancing support of transformative research at the NSF (05/2007) PDF