European Food Systems in a Changing World

This Forward Look is a multidisciplinary joint ESF/COST initiative which involves the ESF Standing Committee for Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LEE (formerly LESC)), the ESF European Medical Research Councils (MED (formerly EMRC)), the ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities (HUM (formerly SCH)), the ESF Standing Committee for the Social Sciences (SOC (formerly SCSS)) and the COST Domain Committee for Food and Agriculture (FA).


Food security is a primary societal goal in which food systems play a pivotal role.  European food systems are changing, driven by complex technological and policy factors including CAP reform.  These changes will affect the interactions between food availability, food access and food utilisation in uncertain ways.  In addition to providing safe and healthy food, European food systems also contribute to an increasing number of goals including environmental functions and landscape and society objectives. 
This Forward Look will focus on how the changes in Europe’s food systems drivers, in the context of balancing the varied goals, will affect these interactions.

Details on the Forward Look background, objectives and activities are available in the ESF Forward Look leaflet "European Food Systems in a Changing World"    Download (PDF 497 KB)