Current Forward Looks in Social Sciences

Media Studies: new Media and new Literacies

The Forward Look will focus on media literacy. As media are constitutive of key financial, social and cultural processes of contemporary life, to study media is therefore an important pathway into understanding fundamental processes in society. Issues related to media literacy illuminate some of the fundamental problems that media studies have tackled over the years but refracted through the lens of media coverage and its underlying currents of digitisation, globalisation and commodification.  [more]

The final conference was held in January 2013. The final report has been published and is available here.

This project is a joint activity between the Humanities and Social Sciences.  It is managed by Humanities. Activity period: 2012-2013.


Publications from recently-completed activities

  • Final Report:Personalised Medicine for the European citizen (December 2012)
  • Final Report: Central and Eastern Europe beyond Transition: Convergence and Divergence in Europe (May 2012)
  • Final Report: Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth (RESCUE)

These, and all other, Forward Look reports are available here for download or postal sending.