European Food Systems in a Changing World


  • Final Conference and Proceedings, Budapest, Hungary, 5-6 November 2007
    Aim: To conclude project, initiate further scientific debate, set the scene for a final report.
    Final Programme: (PDF)
  • Workshop 2: Future food system and Organising Committee meeting, Preddvor, Slovenia, 23-25 May 2007
    Aim: Future food systems will be discussed based on scenario exercise and description of current food systems and interactions assess.
  • Developing scenarios for European food systems, March/May 2007
    Aim: To develop a set of scenarios (based on key uncertainties) which provide a backdrop for discussion on future food system interactions.
  • Three papers "Food Systems in Europe", February/June 2007
    Aim: To describe the key food systems activities and their interactions, both within current and plausible future contexts from the perspective of one set of food systems activities.
  • Background paper "Review of current European scenarios", November/December 2006
    Aim: To provide a basis and a reference for scenario development and analysis within this Forward Look.
  • Workshop 1: Current food system activity and mid-term Organising Committee meeting, Wageningen, 30-31 October 2006
    Aim: To identify those food system activities and components to focus on, and to outline the key choices each set of activity faces. To initiate the scenario exercise by identifying focal question (and maybe key uncertainties).
  • Round Table Discussion with Stakeholders, Jouy-en Josas, 22-23 June 2006
    Aim: To arrive at a better understanding of European Food System, and current challenges different actors/stakeholders face.
  • Kick-off meeting of the Organising Committee, Brussels, 13 March 2006