Completed ESF Research Networking Programmes in Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Title Start Date End Date Affiliation
Conservation Genomics: Amalgamation of Conservation Genetics and Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics (ConGenOmics) 21/06/2011 20/06/2016 LEE (formerly LESC)
Cold-Water Carbonate Mounds in Shallow and Deep Time – The European Research Network (COCARDE) 01/06/2011 31/05/2016 LEE (formerly LESC)
Quantitative Models of Cellular and Developmental Biology (QuanTissue) 18/05/2011 17/05/2016 LEE (formerly LESC)
Thunderstorm effects on the atmosphere-ionosphere system (TEA-IS) 09/05/2011 08/05/2016 LEE (formerly LESC)
Measuring and Modelling of Volcano Eruption Dynamics (MeMoVolc) 01/05/2011 30/04/2016 LEE (formerly LESC)
EARTHTIME - The European Contribution (EARTHTIME-EU) 01/06/2010 31/05/2015 LEE (formerly LESC)
Research and Monitoring for and with Raptors in Europe (EURAPMON) 17/05/2010 16/05/2015 LEE (formerly LESC)
Micro-Dynamics of Ice (Micro-DICE) 10/05/2010 09/05/2015 LEE (formerly LESC)
Advances in Farm Animal Genomic Resources (GENOMIC-RESOURCES) 22/06/2010 30/06/2014 LEE (formerly LESC)
Tall Tower and Surface Research Network for Verification of Climate Relevant Emissions of Human Origin (TTORCH) 30/03/2009 29/03/2014 LEE (formerly LESC)
The Euroglycoscience Forum (EUROGLYCOFORUM) 25/03/2009 25/03/2014 LEE (formerly LESC) MED (formerly EMRC)
Frontiers of Speciation Research (FroSpects) 12/05/2008 31/12/2013 LEE (formerly LESC)
Climatic Change - Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems (CLIMMANI) 01/06/2008 01/06/2013 LEE (formerly LESC)
The Functionality of Iron Minerals in Environmental Processes (FIMIN) 13/05/2009 14/05/2013 LEE (formerly LESC)
Natural molecular structures as drivers and tracers of terrestrial C fluxes (MOLTER) 28/03/2008 28/03/2013 LEE (formerly LESC)
European Networking Summer School (Plant Genomics & Bioinformatics) (ENSS) 01/09/2007 30/11/2012 LEE (formerly LESC)
The functional genomics in Aspergillus fumigatus and new strategies to fight against the first fungal pathogen in Europe (Fuminomics) 03/06/2008 02/06/2012 LEE (formerly LESC) MED (formerly EMRC)
Thermal adaptation in ectotherms: linking life history, physiology, behaviour and genetics (ThermAdap) 05/10/2006 01/04/2012 LEE (formerly LESC)
Frontiers of Functional Genomics (FFG) 01/06/2006 30/11/2011 LEE (formerly LESC) MED (formerly EMRC)
Functional Dynamics in Complex Chemical and Biological Systems (FUNCDYN) 23/11/2006 22/11/2011 LEE (formerly LESC)