Interdisciplinary Statistical and Field Theory Approaches to Nanophysics and Low Dimensional Systems (INSTANS)


We plan to develop a unique interdisciplinary research activity, which brings together expertise in condensed matter, quantum field theory and statistical physics. Our goal is to set up a new theoretical framework to answer the fundamental questions encountered in the modern physics of nanoscopic and low-dimensional systems.

This proposal concerns electronic systems, such as nanotubes, quantum dots and quantum Hall effect devices, as well as specific devices featuring cold atoms. These systems are dominated by quantum effects and strong interactions, which give rise to non-perturbative effects, like spin-charge separation or fractionally charged excitations. Moreover, interesting transport effects as well as other experimental probes often require non-equilibrium descriptions. These aspects make the standard theoretical approaches developed for systems at larger scales rather inadequate. Considerable progress in statistical field theory, in which Europe has played a leading role, has provided a new set of powerful non-perturbative theoretical methods, which are ideally suited for the challenges posed. Our purpose is to sharpen these tools and to address the fundamental problems in this rapidly evolving domain of physics.
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5 Years from October 2005 to October 2010