Interdisciplinary Statistical and Field Theory Approaches to Nanophysics and Low Dimensional Systems (INSTANS)

Short Visit Grants and Exchange Grants (no deadline)

Two types of grants are available:

- Short Visit Grants of up to 15 days
- Exchange Grants from 15 days to six months

1. Undertake work applicable to the INSTANS Programme
2. Apply to stay in a European country other than the country of origin
3. Return to the institute of origin upon termination, so that the applicant's institution may also benefit from the broadened knowledge of the scientist
4. Acknowledge ESF/INSTANS  in publications resulting from the grantee's work

Priority will be given to applications where the institutions involved are in countries that financially support the programme.

Level of award:
Short visit grants are reimbursed on a per diem basis of 85 EUR plus actual travel expenses up to a maximum of 500 EUR after the visit on submission of a completed balance payment form accompanied by the original travel tickets.  No payment will be made without the scientific report.

Exchange grants are reimbursed on the basis of an allowance of 1,600 EUR per month / 400 EUR per week / 57 EUR per day plus actual costs for travel, up to a maximum of 500 EUR.

Applications providing a short description of the proposed project work (about 1000 words for exchange grants and 250 words for short visit grants) and the duration of the stay should be submitted using the on-line forms.

Short Visit Grant:  Application Form

Exchange grant:    Application Form

Grant Guidelines

Please note that exchange grant should be supported by a letter of recomendation from someone familiar with the applicant's work (if appropriate), a letter of acceptance from the receiving institution and a curriculum vitae of two A4 pages.

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Name of the GranteeDuration  Final report
YEAR 2009
Roman Mints (IL - BE)15 days
Mikhail Zvonarev (CH - UK)10 days
Pasquale Sodano (IT - UK)10 daysDoc
Mihail Croitoru (TW - BE)15 days
Daniel Urban (DE - SP)6 weeks
Pasquale Sadano (IT - UK)5 weeks PDF
Mikhail Zvonarev (CH - UK)9 daysPDF
Masudul Haque (DE - NL)13 daysPDF
Ady Stern (IL - UK)9 days Doc
David Peter DiVincenzo (USA - NL)4 weeksDoc
Oleksandr Zozulya (NL - DE)14 daysPDF
Barbara M. Terhal (USA - NL)4 weeks Doc
Reinhold Egger (DE - FR)15 daysPDF
Oleksandr Zazunov (DE - FR)14 days PDF
Michael Bortz (DE - UK)8 weeks PDF
YEAR 2008
Robert Weston (UK - FR)6 daysPDF
Mikhail Zvonarev (CH - FR)5 weeks PDF
Hélène Feldner (FR - DE)13 weeksPDF
Javier Almeida (SP - FR)26 weekspending
Vadim Cheianov (UK - FR) 10 days PDF
Mikhail Zvonarev (CH - UK)10 days (PDF)
Francesco Zamponi (FR - IT)15 days (PDF)
Alessandro de Martino (DE - UK)15 days(PDF)
Robert Konik (USA - NL - IT)4 weeks(PDF)
Ivan Diego Rodriguez (IT - SP)26 weeks(PDF)
Balazs Pozsgai (HU - FR)12 weeks(PDF)
Christian Korff (UK - NL6 days (PDF)
Tobias Stauber (PT - DE)5 days(DOC)
Paul Fendely (UK - IT)5 days(PDF)
YEAR 2007
Gunnar Moller (UK - FR)5 days(PDF)
Kareljan Schoutens (NL - UK)4 days(PDF)
Liza Huije (NL - UK)9 days(PDF)
Dario Patenè (IT - SP)16 weeks(PDF)
Benoit Jouault (FR - IT)15 days (PDF)
José Carmelo (PT - SE)10 days(PDF)
Pedro Sacramento (PT - SE)6 days(PDF)
Pasquale Calabrese (IT - NL)9 weeks(PDF)
José Carmelo (PT - FR)7 days (DOC)
Giuseppe Mussardo (IT - FR)4 weeks(PDF) 
YEAR 2006
Masudrul Haque (NL -UK) 12 days(PDF) 
Daniel M. P. Bozi (PT - SP)3 days (PDF) 
Christophe Mora (DE - FR)15 days (PDF) 
Daniel Cabra (FR - UK)  4 days(DOC)