Probabilistic Methods in Non-Hyperbolic Dynamics (PRODYN)


Year 2003

- International Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Ergonic Theory
7-11 July 2003, Porto, Portugal
Organiser: José Alves go to website

- International Summer School
18-30 August 2003, Cargèse, France
Organiser: Maurice Courbage

- Equadiff Conference
22-26 July 2003, Belgium
Organiser: Freddy Dumortier go to website

Year 2002

- Winter School on Smooth ergodic theory
14-25 January, 4-15 February, 18 Feb. - 1 March 2002
SISSA, Trieste, Italy,

Università di Roma 'Tor Vergata'Dipartimento di MatematicaRomeItaly
University of WarwickMathematics InstituteCoventryUnited Kingdom

go to website

- Workshop on Hamiltian Dynamics
15-20 February 2002
Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Organiser: Jeoren Lamb (United Kingdom) go to website

- Special Research Trimester on Dynamical systems
1 February - 30 April 2002
Pisa, Italy
Organisers: Stefano Marmi, John Mather, John Milnor, Jacob Palis, and Jean-Christophe Yoccoz

- Mini-Workshop on Recent Trends in Dynamics
6-11May 2002
Porto, Portugal

Jose FerreiraAlvesE-Mail
Universidade do PortoFaculdade de CiênciasDepartamento de Matématica PuraPortoPortugal

- Workshop on Holomorphic Interaction, Non-uniform Hyperbolicy
22-25 May 2002
Warsaw, Poland

Polish Academy of SciencesInstitute of MathematicsWarszawaPoland

- Workshop on Piecewise Isometries
2-15 June 2002
Luminy, France

Institut de Mathématiques de LuminyCentre de Physique ThéoriqueMarseilleFrance

- Workshop on Countable topological Markov chains: classifications and recurrences
6-11 August 2002
Marseille, France

Ecole PolytechniqueCentre de MathématiquesPalaiseauFrance

- Year-long Symposium on Dynamical Systems
September 2002- August 2003
Warwick, United Kingdom

Sebastianvan StrienE-Mail
University of WarwickMathematics InstituteCoventryUnited Kingdom

Completed Events

Year 2001

- Workshop on Complex Dynamics and Ergodic Theory,
19-21 January 2001, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Organiser: Guillaume Havard (France)

- SD 2001 Meeting, 29 January-2 March 2001, Marseille, France
Organiser: Xavier Bressaud (France) go to website

- Conference on Recent Development in Holomorphic Dynamics, 29-31 March 2001, Orléans, France,
Organiser: Michel Zinsmeister (France)

- Course on Regular and Stochastic Motions in Deterministic Dynamics, 2-7 April 2001, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Organiser: Freddy Dumortier (Belgium)

"Regular and Stochastic Motions in Deterministic Dynamics"

- Mini-Workshop on Recent Trends in Dynamics II,
7-11 May 2001, University of Porto, Portugal
Organiser: José Alves (Portugal)

- Workshop on Non-Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems
25 June - 6 July 2001, Göttingen, Germany
Organiser: Hartje Kriete (Germany)

- Workshop on Global Analysis of Dynamical Systems,
24 - 29 June 2001, Leiden, The Netherlands
Organiser: Henk W. Broer (The Netherlands)

- Workshop "Concepts and Techniques in Smooth Ergodic Theory",
2 - 8 July 2001, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Organiser: Stefano Luzzatto (United Kingdom)

- Workshop on Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems,
31 August - 5 September 2001, Villetaneuse, France
Organiser: François Parreau (France)

Year 2000

- Meeting on Regular and Unstable Motion in Hamiltonian Systems
5 - 9 September 2000 in Roma (Italy)
Organiser : Carlangelo Liverani (Italy)

- Conference on Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
4 - 8 September 2000 in Torun (Poland)
Organisers : Manfred Denker (Germany) and M. Lemancyk (Poland)

- Conference on Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
21 - 30 August 2000 in Katsiveli (Crimea, Ukraine)
Organisers: Sergiy Kolyada and Sergey Bezuglyi (Ukraine)

- Workshop on Dynamical Systems
10 - 14 July 2000 in Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Organiser : K. Khanin (United Kingdom)

- Conference on Ergodic Theory, Riemannian Geometry and Number Theory
3 - 7 July 2000 in Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Organiser:  Mark Pollicott (United Kingdom)

- International Conference on Dynamical Systems
8 - 13 May 2000,  Porto (Portugal)
Organisers:  M.J. Costa, A.A. Pinto, M. Pollicott

- School on Dynamical Systems
2 - 5 May 2000 in Porto (Portugal)
Organisers : M.J. Costa, A.A. Pinto, M. Pollicott

- Mini Workshop on Geometry of Henon-Like Maps
20 - 23  March 2000 in Manchester, United-Kingdom
Organiser: Stefano Luzzatto (United Kingdom)
Participants: 8

- School on Return Times, Entropy and Complexity
13-17 March 2000 in Marseille (France)
partly supported by PRODYN

- Mini Workshop on Recent Trends in Dynamics
17 - 22 January 2000 in Porto (Portugal)
Organiser : Jose F. Alves (Portugal)
Participants: 10

Year 1999

- Workshop on Holomorphic Dynamics, Conformal and Invariant Measures
22 - 27 November 1999 in Warsaw (Poland)
Organiser: Feliks Przytycki (Poland)

- International Seminar on Dynamical Systems
4 - 11 July 1999 in Dijon (France)
Organiser : Bernard Schmitt (France)

- Workshop on Coupling and Dynamical Systems Days
2 - 4 February 1999 in Dijon (France)
Organiser : Bernard Schmitt (France)
Participants: 18 from 7 countries

- Winter School on Smooth Ergodic Therory
- 31 January 1999 in Chesa Laret, (Engadin, Switzerland)
Organisers : Dr. Viviane Baladi (Swizerland) and
Carlangelo Liverani (Italy)
Participants: 28 from 8 countries

Year 1998

- First Inaugural Workshop
24 April - 1 May 1998 at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
Organiser: Professor Sebastian van Strien (United Kingdom)
Participants: 48 from 11 countries

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Mini Workshops


These activities are meant to bring 3 to 7 mathematicians together for a week or so in order to discuss results and to do joint work.

Requests for support should be sent to Chantal Durant at the ESF Office . There is no application form and no deadline.

Request should contain the following information:

- the name and affiliation of the scientists joining this activity and the planned location;
- the reason for the activity (justifying its length and its mathematical importance);
- tentative dates of the mini workshop;
- estimated cost (travel - one trip on the basis of APEX fares - and accommodation reiumbursed on the basis of actual costs, and a contribution towards daily living expenses.

A short scientific report will be requested after the mini workshop. The application outcome will usually be known within a month.

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