Precision Polymer Materials (P2M)

Precision Polymer Materials (P2M)


The aim of the proposed Programme is to combine the complementary expertise of leading European research groups in the design of precision polymeric materials, i.e. polymers with precisely defined molecular weight, architecture and functionality that are designed to self-assemble into functional materials via strategies that are inspired by or mimic biological self-assembly processes. The main aim of the proposed Programme is to promote interactions and facilitate exchange of, primarily, early career researchers with different backgrounds, ranging from catalysis, polymer chemistry and physics to theory, biochemistry and pharmacy.

Full Programme Proposal            P2M Brochure

2nd Conference on Precision Polymer Materials
Ghent, 25-28 August 2013


Polymer synthesis, biomimetic, self-assembly, functional materials, smart polymers


From  July 2011 to  July 2015