Press Releases

18. June 2015

Sailing through Changing Oceans: Ocean and Polar Life and Environmental Sciences on a Warming Planet

In the current context of Global Change, sustainable and responsible exploitation of the Oceans can be realised only through a deep understanding of the Ocean processes and of the associated ecosystems spanning every latitude of Planet Earth. This is the key concept advocated by a new position... [more]

28. May 2015

Career Tracking of Doctorate Holders - Investing in the future: are we supporting the right choices?

ESF has just published a report on a pilot study of the career paths of post-doctorates and doctorate alumni from five research funding and research performing organisations: AXA Research Fund (AXA RF), France, Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg, Goethe Graduate Academy at the Goethe... [more]

13. April 2015

Extreme Geohazards: Reducing the Disaster Risk and Increasing Resilience

Extreme hazards – rare, high-impact events – pose a serious and underestimated threat to humanity. The extremes of the broad ensemble of natural and anthropogenic hazards can lead to global disasters and catastrophes. Because they are rare and modern society lacks experience with them, they tend to... [more]

29. January 2015

Forward Look Report on Quantum Biology Presented in Brussels

The scientific community represented by about forty researchers and officials from research funding organisations gathered in Brussels on 23 January 2015 to present the outcomes of the European Science Foundation’s (ESF) Foresight Activity on Research in Quantum Biology (FarQBio).  [more]

22. January 2015

Discussion Paper "The Future of Security Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities"

Security, the security of society and of individuals, is at the centre of concerns of contemporary society. In recent years it has, however, become clear that developing new technologies alone will not improve our security. It is now widely accepted that security depends as much on attitudes and... [more]

15. January 2015

EC Roadmap “Metallurgy made in and for Europe” based on an ESF MatSEEC Science Position Paper

The European Commission recently published a Metallurgy Roadmap entitled “Metallurgy made in and for Europe - The Perspective of Producers and End-Users” considering the recommendations made by the ESF Materials Science and Engineering Expert Committee (MatSEEC) in its science position paper... [more]

24. November 2014

Launch of a NuPECC-ESF report

The report was presented in Brussels today at an event held under the auspices of the Italian EU Presidency, gathering over sixty experts in the fields of nuclear physics and medical research. [more]

3. October 2014

Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea

New European Marine Board report recommends exploration of sea-submerged settlements abandoned by our ancestors. [more]

22. September 2014

Metallurgy Europe programme recommended by European Science Foundation’s MatSEEC committee selected as new EUREKA Cluster

Metallurgy Europe, a 7-year, 1bn€ program in the field of metals research and manufacturing, has recently been selected as a new Eureka Cluster and was launched at London’s Science Museum on September 16th, 2014.  [more]

3. July 2014

Forecasting the development of breakthrough technologies to enable novel space missions

A new report, Technological Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress (TECHBREAK), has been published today by the European Science Foundation.  [more]