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Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg UniversityDepartment of Applied PhysicsApplied Physics GroupGöteborgSweden


ETH ZurichDepartment of MaterialsETH Hönggerberg HCI H525ZurichSwitzerland


18-23 June 2005


Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
The conference will take place in Sant Feliu de Guixols, on the Spanish Costa Brava, 120 km north of Barcelona and 30 km south of Girona. Group transportation will be arranged from/to Barcelona airport, on arrival and departure days.

Final Programme & List of Accepted Participants

Interfaces between synthetic materials and biological systems – “biointerfaces” – constitute one of the most dynamic and expanding fields in science and technology. The field is driven both by a number of growing industrial and clinical applications (medical implants, biosensors and biochips, tissue engineering, drug screening and targeting,…) and by the desire to understand biointerface processes at a basic level.

The field deals with the preparation and associated characterization in vivo and in vitro of functional surfaces for specific interactions with bio-systems. This includes studies of the dynamic molecular interactions occurring at these interfaces, such as adsorption and interfacial reactions, as well as other permanent or transient interactions with biologically relevant compounds. The latter include water, hydrated ions, amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins and other biomolecules, as well as more complex (supra)molecular aggregates, supported bio-membranes and liposomes, and living cells and tissue.

The associated model studies range from ultra high vacuum (UHV) experiments involving simple molecules, via in vitro studies of proteins, supra-molecular complexes and cells, to in vivo studies of cells and tissue. The desire to control interactions between the surface and the biological environment has led to the development of new methods for preparing novel surfaces for examining biological response. These include surface coating techniques, nano- and microfabrication methods for topographic and chemical patterning and (bio)chemical methods for surface functionalization. At the same time, the complexity of the systems being analyzed has led to the emergence of new and modified experimental techniques for analyzing interfacial processes, including optical and spectroscopic methods, imaging techniques, and methods for measuring kinetics of interfacial processes. The use both ex-situ, vacuum-based and in situ analytical methods in (biological) fluids, has very much stimulated progress in the past and will continue to be an essential aspect of biointerface research and development.

Finally there is a growing demand for both first principles theoretical methods and phenomenological simulation methods, to treat biointerfacial processes. The needs for such methods range from purely basic, understanding oriented research, to applied R&D for, e.g., pattern recognition and process control.

During this conference, these aspects of biointerfaces will be addressed in ca. 25 invited presentations by internationally renowned researchers, complemented by shorter contributed oral and poster presentations. Molecular level processes will be emphasized.

Sessions will focus on the following topics: 

  • Bio-molecules and water at biointerfaces
  • Supported biomembranes and liposomes at surfaces
  • Cells at biointerfaces, including stem cell interactions
  • Molecular/cell level aspects of medical implants and tissue engineering
  • Bio- sensors and bioarrays
  • Biointerface aspects of drug development and targeting
  • Experimental methods for preparation and studies of biointerfaces
  • Topographic and (bio)chemical nano- and micropatterning
  • Theory and simulations of biointerface properties and processes        

Final Programme PDF (73 KB) Last Updated 21-June-2005
List of Invited Speakers & Accepted Participants  

Book of Abstracts

A booklet of abstracts will be distributed at the conference. Poster presenters are kindly requested to email their abstract (one A4 page) to Professor Kasemo (kasemo [at], with copy to Michelle Grandrin (michelle.grandin [at] Deadline for doing so is the 23rd of May.

Group Transportation & Practical Information Guide

  • On Saturday 18 June, group transportation will be arranged from Barcelona airport to the hotel. Bus departure times will be as follows: 16.30, 18.00, 19.00.
  • Bus transportation back to Barcelona airport will also be arranged for Thursday 23 June departing after lunch. Departure times will be: 11.00, 12.00, 13.00.

For further details, please consult the Practical Information Guide PDF (138 KB)

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Conference fees include full local costs, a half-day excusion and, for conferees, a registration fee of EUR 350.
Guest fees do not include use of conference facilities and equipment (i.e. internet...) nor are guests entitled to attend sessions.


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