ESF Research Conferences


The ESF Research Conferences Scheme brought together researchers and researchers from different nationalities, backgrounds and disciplines, and at different career stages to jointly discuss the latest developments in new and emerging fields of research.

ESF Research Conferences promoted free discussion and exchange of information, and aimed to create long-term networks between participants. Participation was open to researchers from academia, industry, society and politics worldwide.

Research Conferences were grouped into series of 2-5 annual conferences, with each series focusing on a specific scientific area. ESF Research Conferences Series were conceived, branded and financed in partnership with high-level European research organisations and universities. The scientific area and location of each series was suggested by the partner, aiming to showcase their excellence in their particular field of expertise.

World & Research Conferences

  • ESF-RU Conference Series: Towards a Sustainable Bio-Based Society
  • ESF-FENS Conferences on The Dynamic Brain