ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conference Series for Young Researchers

ESF-JSPS Partnership

© Corinne Wininger, ESF

The need to mentor and support young researchers has been recognised as a priority to sustain scientific endeavour, not only in Europe but worldwide. Following discussions between the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), it was agreed to launch a collaborative scheme between these organisations specifically aimed at young researchers. The aim is to provide for an annual research conference on a leading edge topic bringing together both senior and junior researchers from both parts of the world. The venues for these conferences alternate between Europe and Japan. Conferences are held over a period of about 5-6 days. Conference topics are chosen by mutual agreement of both organisations. The conferences generally include about 25 European and Japanese invited speakers and 50-75 young scholars and scientists, who are doing outstanding and innovative work in their fields.

© Corinne Wininger, ESF

The Scheme is to be expanded by starting a series of Follow-up Workshops which will revisit the topics covered at the Conferences. Each Conference will be followed 2-3 years later by a smaller Workshop, of about 50 participants, lasting 4 or 5 days. The Co-Chairs of the Conference will select the most promising participants, in particular those who have established further collaboration with other scientists met during the Conference. About 25 participants from each side, Europe and Japan, will be selected, including some newcomers. The Follow-Up Workshop will take place in the country in which the Conference was not held.

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

Founded in 1932, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is an independent institution which aim is to contribute to the advancement of science from natural and social sciences to the humanities.