ESF-UB Conferences in Biomedicine

ESF-UB Partnership

The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), with support from the Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d'Innovació, Universitats i Empresa, have agreed to co-sponsor a series of Scientific Conferences, within the framework of the ESF Research Conferences Scheme. The Series will be known as ‘ESF-UB Conferences in Biomedicine’, and will be at the highest scientific level with respect to topics and choice of participants. 

The Conferences will bring together participants and experts in the Biomedical Sciences to discuss topics that are of major importance to the scientific community in Europe. The topics should be at the forefront of scientific research and may be interdisciplinary when appropriate. The conferences will be organised as self-perpetuating series, with the Chair/Co-Chairs of the next conference in the series being elected during each event. The generic titles/topics for each conference series will be selected by mutual agreement between the partner organisations.

Conferences will take place at Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia, Spain.

Conference Guidelines PDF (96 KB) Last Updated 22-May-2008

Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

The University of Barcelona (UB) is the oldest and largest of the six universities in Barcelona, and of the ten in Catalonia. It has 76000 students --more than half of the total student population of Catalonia-- and is the second largest, in terms of numbers of students, in Spain. The university is particularly interested in fostering international relations, and for many years has been the leader among European universities in numbers of student exchanges organised as part of the Erasmus programme. Since 1995, the UB has implemented a quality programme aiming fundamentally to design mid- and long-term strategies in order to evaluate and improve teaching and research in public higher education.

Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d'Innovació, Universitats i Empresa

The Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprises of the Catalan Autonomous Government is promoting, together with other Government Departments and institutions, the Catalan Bioregion, an initiative that intends to coordinate the activity of scientists in clinical and basic research in the universities, research centres and companies that work in the area of biomedicine and biotechnology. In addition, the Comissionat per a Universitats i Recerca wishes to promote international cooperation in these areas of biomedicine and biotechnology as reflected by the fact that it has recently become part of the network “EuroBioCluster”, to stimulate competitiveness and European construction.