ESF HUM (formerly SCH) Exploratory Workshops in 2001

HUM (formerly SCH)  funded 8  Exploratory Workshops in 2001.

Scientific Reports, provided by the convenors, may be consulted for each event.

List of Workshops in 2001

  1. Experimental pragmatics
    Dates and location: 17-19 May 2001, Lyon, France
    Convened by: Ira Noveck (FR) and Dan Sperber (FR)
    Scientific Report (PDF 341 KB)

  2. Minority languages in Europe:  frameworks – status – prospects
    Dates and Location: 8-10 June 2001, Bath, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Gabrielle Hogan-Brun (UK) and Stefan Wolff (UK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 296 KB)

  3. Reconstructing science. Contributions to the enhancement of the European scientific heritage
    Dates and Location: 8-9 June 2001, Ravenna, Italy
    Convened by: Marco Beretta (IT)
    Scientific Report (PDF 104 KB)

  4. Constructing the Humanities: which roles for women ?
    Construire les Sciences de l’Homme: quels rôles pour les femmes ?
    Dates and Location: 13-15 June 2001, Paris, France
    Convened by: Jacqueline Carroy (FR)
    Scientific Report (PDF 307 KB)

  5. Corpus and data processing in Geolinguistics
    Dates and Location: 22-23 June 2001, Bayonne, France
    Convened by: Bernard Oyharçabal (FR), Charles Videgain (FR) and Gotzon Aurrekoetxea (ES)

  6. Academic local history and the concept of heritage:
    towards a European model
    Dates and Location:  26-28 July 2001, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Rebecca Starr (UK) and John Howe (UK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 128 KB)

  7. Lower Palaeolithic small tools in Europe and the Levant
    Dates and Location: 3-7 September 2001, Liège, Belgium
    Convened by: Jan Michal Burdukiewicz (PL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 145 KB)

  8. Whither archaeology?
    Dates and Location: 12-13 October 2001, Warsaw, Poland
    Convened by:  Zbigniew Kobylinski (PL) and Bozena I Werbart (SE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 154 KB)

Postponed to 2002:

  • (Hidden) minorities: language and ethnic identities in the Alpine-Adriatic Region
    Dates and Location: 20-24 March 2002
    Convened by: Eduard Staudinger (AT)

ESF Contacts for Exploratory Workshops in the Humanities

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  • ESF HUM (formerly SCH) Unit:
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