ESF LEE (formerly LESC) Exploratory Workshops in 2003

LEE (formerly LESC) awarded funds for 11 Exploratory Workshops in 2003:

  • Preliminary details may be consulted prior to each event
    (for information purposes only - these meetings are not open to the public)
  • Final scientific reports become available two months after each event

List of Workshops in 2003

  1. Hypermutation of Simple Sequences (Microsatellites) and the Contribution of Hypermutation to Bacterial Pathogenesis (co-sponsored by MED (formerly EMRC))
    Dates and Location: 19-22 March 2003, Oxford United Kingdom
    Convened by: Christopher BAYLISS (UK), E. Richard MOXON (UK)
    ESF representative: Hui Wang, European Science Foundation
    Scientific Report (PDF 156 KB)

  2. Gases in magmatic evolution: from depth to atmosphere, from micro to macro-scale, from calculation to observation 
    Dates and Location: 7-11 May 2003, Rome, Italy
    Convened by: Roberto MORETTI (IT), Paolo PAPALE (IT), Guido VENTURA (IT)
    ESF representative: Demir Altiner, Middle East Technical University (ODTU), Ankara (TR)
    Scientific Report (PDF 469 KB)    Abstracts and further development of the project: go to website

  3. The Evolution of Cooperation and Cheating in Nature 
    Dates and Location: 12-15 May 2003, Montpellier, France
    Convened by: Douglas W. YU (UK), Marie-Charlotte ANSTETT (FR), Stuart WEST (UK)
    ESF representative: Rudolf Verheyen, University of Antwerp (BE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 178 KB)

  4. Climate change, the environment and tourism: the interactions
    Dates and Location: 4-6 June 2003, Milan, Italy
    Convened by: David VINER (UK), Pim MARTENS (NL), Maureen AGNEW (UK), Bas AMELUNG (NL)
    ESF representative: Gábor Vida, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest (HU)
    Scientific Report (PDF 1.7 MB)

  5. The Horizontal Gene Pool; the functional role of mobile genetic information - how bacteria perceive, sample and utilise genetic elements in evolution and local adaptation 
    Dates and Location: 25-27 July 2003, Oxford, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Mark J. BAILEY (UK), Ellen L. ZECHNER (AT)
    ESF representative: Blanka Rihová, Institute of Microbiology, Prague (CZ)
    Scientific Report (PDF 177 KB)

  6. Ethical and Social Issues in the Implementation of European policy: Examples of Environmental Policy in the management of wetlands 
    Dates and Location: 28-29 August 2003, Wells (Somerset), United Kingdom
    Convened by: Adrian ARMSTRONG (UK),  Angheluta VADINEANU (RO), Chris BRADLEY (UK) Markku OKSANEN (FI), Geneviève MAGNON PETIT-MAIRE (FR)
    ESF representative: Stella Canna-Michaelidou, State General Laboratory, Nicosia (CY)
    Scientific Report (PDF 248 KB)    Workshop Papers (PDF 4.0 MB)

  7. Regional Climatic Change in Europe: Processes and Impacts 
    (postponed from 2002)
    Dates and Location: 29 September - 3 October 2003, Wengen, Switzerland
    Convened by: Martin BENISTON (CH)
    ESF representative: Anders Lindroth, University of Lund (SE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 257 KB)    Abstracts (PDF 239 KB)

  8. Long-term monitoring of deep-ocean hydrothermal ecosystems
    Dates and Location: 15-17 October 2003, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Javier E. ESCARTIN (FR), Ricardo S. SANTOS (PT)
    ESF representative: Adam Schultz, University of Cardiff (UK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 556 KB)

  9. Hydrological Risk: recent advances in peak river flow modelling, prediction and real-time forecasting. Assessment of the impacts of land-use and climate changes
    Dates and Location: 24-25 October 2003, Bologna, Italy
    Convened by: Armando BRATH (IT), Alberto MONTANARI (IT), Ezio TODINI (IT), Elena TOTH (IT)
    ESF representative: Lucien Hoffmann, Environment and Biotechnologies, Luxembourg (LU)
    Scientific Report (PDF 295 KB)

  10. Genomic approaches to microarray data analysis 
    Dates and Location: 30-31 October 2003, Madrid, Spain
    Convened by: Joaquin DOPAZO (ES)
    ESF representative: Juan-Pedro Garcia Ballesta, CSIC Centro de Biología Molecular, Madrid (ES)
    Scientific Report (PDF 314 KB)


The integration of phylogenetic, ecological, life history and biogeographical studies to identify predictors of extinction risk in European fauna
Convened by: Matthew S. SULLIVAN (UK)

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