ESF SOC (formerly SCSS) Exploratory Workshops in 2003

SOC (formerly SCSS)  funded 12 Exploratory Workshops in 2003:

  • Preliminary details may be consulted prior to each event
    (for information purposes only - these meetings are not open to the public)
  • Final scientific reports become available two months after each event

List of Workshops in 2003

  1. Euro-Med and Middle East Political Economy: Assessing the State of the Field 
    Dates and Location: 22-24 May 2003, Florence, Italy
    Convened by: Eberhard KIENLE (FR), Steven HEYDEMANN (US), Giacomo LUCIANI (IT)
    ESF representative: Jakob de Haan, University of Groningen (NL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 222 KB)

  2. Transnationalism in the European Union 
    Dates and Location: 20-22 June 2003, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Wolfram KAISER (UK), Peter STARIE (UK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 350 KB)

  3. Arbitrage and related topics
    Dates and Location: 24-26 June 2003, Paris, France
    Convened by: Bernard CORNET (FR)
    ESF representative: Miroslav Marcelli, Philosophical Faculty, Comenius University, Bratislava (SK)
    Scientific Report (PDF 371 KB)   Papers:  go to website

  4. Intergenerational Relationships, Migration and Ageing: policy and behaviour 
    Dates and Location: 18-21 July 2003, Keele, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Simon J. BIGGS (UK), Ariela LOWENSTEIN (IL), Ruth KATZ (IL)
    ESF representative: Henryk Domanski, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Warsaw (PL)
    Scientific Report (PDF 169 KB)

  5. The Impact of Institutions on Innovation: the Case of Biotechnology 
    Dates and Location: 19-20 September 2003, Barcelona, Spain
    Convened by: Pierre RÉGIBEAU (UK), B. CASSIMAN (ES), D. HARHOFF (DE), Katharine ROCKETT (UK)
    ESF representative: Nathalie Schueller, European Science Foundation
    Scientific Report (PDF 283 KB)

  6. Income, Interactions and Subjective Well-Being   
    Dates and Location: 25-26 September 2003, Paris, France
    Convened by: Andrew CLARK (FR), Claudia V. SENIK (FR)
    ESF representative: Michal Illner, Institute of Sociology, Prague (CZ)
    Scientific Report (PDF 274 KB)

  7. New Forms of Citizenship and Young Generations. The Civic Dimensions of Leisure and Consumption for Young Generations in Global Cities 
    Dates and Location: 2-4 October 2003, Strasbourg, France
    Convened by: Henk VINKEN (NL), Cristine GRIFFIN (UK), Anita HARRIS (AU), Angela ITTEL (DE)
    ESF representative: Henk Stronkhorst, European Science Foundation
    Scientific Report (PDF 13.5 KB)

  8. Topics in Economic Geography: A Dialogue between Economists and Geographers
    Dates and Location: 24-26 October 2003, London, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Michael STORPER (UK), Gilles DURANTON (UK), Andrés RODRIGUEZ-POSE (UK), Jacques-François THISSE (BE)
    ESF representative: Torsten Fischer, European Science Foundation
    Scientific Report (PDF 243 KB)

  9. The Immigrant Tourist Industry 
    Dates and Location: 5-7 December 2003, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Convened by: Jan RATH (NL)
    ESF representative: Amélie Mummendey, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (DE)
    Scientific report (PDF 153 KB)

  10. The Strategic Use of European Law and its Implications for Labour Market Relations in the EU and China (postponed from 2002) 
    Dates and Location:
    12-13 December 2003, London, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Francis SNYDER (UK) and Robert REINER (UK)
    Scientific report (PDF 75 KB)

  11. Development Meets Transition: Understanding Institutional Change 
    Dates and Location: 12-13 December 2003, Stockholm, Sweden
    Convened by: Guido FRIEBEL (SE), Erik BERGLÖF (SE), Philippe AGHION (UK/US), Gérard ROLAND (UK/US)
    ESF representative: Asbjørn Rødseth, University of Oslo, Norway
    Scientific report (PDF 726 KB)

  12. Assessing the role and significance of transnational political parties within the European Union  
    Dates and Location: 16-18 December 2003, London, United Kingdom
    Convened by: Stephen R. DAY (UK)
    ESF representative: John Coakley, Department of Politics, University College Dublin (IE)
    Scientific Report (PDF 156 KB)

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