The Transformation of the Roman World

More about the programme

The Programme aims at creating a forum of co-operation between archaeologists, historians, art historians, linguists, numismatists and other specialists. The work is conducted through thematic groups and a series of three plenary conferences. An exhibition group is preparing a programme of six exhibitions and a catalogue. The results will be published in a series of books.

The thematic groups are:

  • Team 1: Imperium, gentes and regna
  • Team 2: Settlement in town and countryside
  • Team 3: Production, distribution and demand
  • Team 4: Transformation of beliefs and culture
  • Team 5: Power and society

Exhibitions Group

Publications: A series entitled The Transformation of the Roman World is planned for publication. If you are interested in this series please contact Brill Academic Publishers in the Netherlands or in the USA.
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Each group met individually twice a year to coordinate their work.

The second plenary conference on the theme of 'Frontiers' was held in April 1996.

The third and final plenary conference was held in Isernia, Italy in June 1997.

Exhibitions in five European countries in 1997.

Publication of results in the form of a series of volumes.