Completed ESF Research Networking Programmes in Humanities

Title Start Date End Date Affiliation
European Historical Population Samples Network (EHPS-Net) 14/06/2011 13/06/2016 SOC (formerly SCSS) HUM (formerly SCH)
Court Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (1400-1700) (PALATIUM) 02/06/2010 01/06/2015 HUM (formerly SCH)
Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities (NeDiMAH) 24/05/2011 23/05/2015 HUM (formerly SCH)
European Network on Word Structure: Cross-disciplinary Approaches to Understanding Word Structure in the Languages of Europe (NetWordS) 02/05/2011 01/05/2015 HUM (formerly SCH)
Responding to Complex Diversity in Europe and Canada (RECODE) 01/06/2010 30/11/2014 SOC (formerly SCSS) HUM (formerly SCH)
Comparative Oriental Manuscripts Studies (COMST) 01/06/2009 31/05/2014 HUM (formerly SCH)
New Frontiers of Infinity: Mathematical, Philosophical and Computational Prospects (INFTY) 16/03/2009 15/03/2014 PEN (formerly PESC) HUM (formerly SCH)
Experimental Pragmatics in Europe (EURO-XPRAG) 16/06/2009 15/12/2013 HUM (formerly SCH)
The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective (PSE) 01/05/2008 30/04/2013 HUM (formerly SCH)
Standard drugs and drug standards. A comparative historical study of pharmaceuticals in the 20th century (DRUGS) 01/03/2008 28/02/2013 HUM (formerly SCH)
Associated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean (ARCANE) 01/01/2006 01/12/2011 HUM (formerly SCH)
Early agricultural remnants and technical heritage the dynamics of non-industrial agriculture: 8000 years of resilience and innovation (EARTH) 01/07/2004 01/12/2009 HUM (formerly SCH)
Representations of the Past: The Writing of National Histories in Europe (NHIST) 01/05/2003 01/12/2008 HUM (formerly SCH)
From natural philosophy to science (NPHS) 01/05/2003 01/12/2007 HUM (formerly SCH)
Occupation in Europe: the impact of national socialist and fascist rule (INSFO) 01/01/2000 01/12/2004 HUM (formerly SCH)
Cultural Exchange in Europe c.1400 - c.1700 (CULT) 01/01/1999 31/12/2002 HUM (formerly SCH)
Musical Life in Europe 1600-1900 (MLE) 01/01/1998 31/12/2001 HUM (formerly SCH)
Individual and Society in the Mediterranean Muslim World (ISMM) 01/01/1996 01/12/2001 HUM (formerly SCH)
Concepts and Symbols of the Eighteenth Century in Europe (CSE) 01/01/1994 01/12/1998 HUM (formerly SCH)
The Evolution of Chemistry in Europe, 1789-1939 (HIOC) 01/11/1992 31/12/1997 HUM (formerly SCH)