Completed ESF Research Networking Programmes in PEN (formerly PESC)

Title Start Date End Date Affiliation
Holographic Methods for Strongly Coupled Systems (HoloGrav) 30/06/2011 29/06/2016 PEN (formerly PESC)
Evaluating Information Access Systems (ELIAS) 20/06/2011 19/06/2016 PEN (formerly PESC)
Advanced Concepts in ab-initio Simulations of Materials (Psi-K2) 15/02/2011 14/02/2016 PEN (formerly PESC)
Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training (GREAT) 18/02/2010 31/08/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
Applied and Computational Algebraic Topology (ACAT) 09/07/2011 08/07/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
Precision Polymer Materials (P2M) 04/07/2011 03/07/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
Common perspectives for cold atoms, semiconductor polaritons and nanoscience (POLATOM) 24/06/2010 24/06/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
New Frontiers in Millimetre / Sub-Millimetre Waves Integrated Dielectric Focusing Systems (NEWFOCUS) 10/06/2010 09/06/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
Random Geometry of Large Interacting Systems and Statistical Physics (RGLIS) 07/06/2010 07/06/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
New Approaches to Biochemical Sensing with Plasmonic Nanobiophotonics (PLASMON-BIONANOSENSE) (PLASMON) 09/04/2010 09/04/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
Contact and Symplectic Topology (CAST) 27/01/2010 27/01/2015 PEN (formerly PESC)
Super-intense laser-matter interactions (SILMI) 04/05/2009 03/05/2014 PEN (formerly PESC)
Interactions of Low-Dimensional Topology and Geometry with Mathematical Physics (ITGP) 01/04/2009 01/04/2014 PEN (formerly PESC)
Exploring the Physics of Small Devices (EPSD) 21/03/2009 21/03/2014 PEN (formerly PESC)
New Frontiers of Infinity: Mathematical, Philosophical and Computational Prospects (INFTY) 16/03/2009 15/03/2014 PEN (formerly PESC) HUM (formerly SCH)
Optimization with PDE Constraints (OPTPDE) 14/10/2008 14/10/2013 PEN (formerly PESC)
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Functional Electronic and Biological Materials (INTELBIOMAT) 06/06/2008 06/06/2013 PEN (formerly PESC)
New Trends and Applications of the Casimir Effect (CASIMIR) 04/04/2008 04/04/2013 PEN (formerly PESC)
Games for Design and Verification (GAMES) 12/03/2008 11/03/2013 PEN (formerly PESC)
The New Physics of Compact Stars (CompStar) 01/01/2008 28/02/2013 PEN (formerly PESC)