Research Publications Catalogue

Collaborative Research Publications Catalogue in the Humanities

A Digital Library by Eric Hackathorn.
A Digital Library by Eric Hackathorn.

Research Networking Programmes as well as Scientific Networks (an ESF instrument closed in 2004), Exploratory Workshops and Research Conferences within the Humanities remit have published in the past 30 years a great number of monographs, book series, collections of essays, special journal issues and proceedings: a prolific production that continues to grow.

These publications together with those resulting from EUROCORES are a concrete output of ESF funded projects in the Humanities and a significant contribution to the advancement of research.

The Humanities Unit has undertaken the initiative to strengthen the added value of its collaborative networking activities by systematising the official record of such joint research publications to track their production and to monitor their extension and impact.  

The creation of a robust and stable research publications cataloguing system started in the spring 2010 and is now maintained and made accessible on this website to increase the visibility of these publications to the scholarly community at large and to ESF Member Organisations thanks to which such activities are funded in the first place.

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