1. September 2014 16:37

Discussion Paper “The Future of Security Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities”

This Discussion Paper was published in July 2014 and is a follow-up to the Forward Look Security: Advancing a Framework for Enquiry (SAFE) launched by the HUM (formerly SCH) in 2007.

The SAFE project identified and analysed contributions of humanities and social sciences to security research at four international workshops and concluded with a conference summarising its findings. The present paper broadens the discussion field by taking stock of recent debates around understanding security and insecurity, and outlines new research challenges based on the hypothesis that the social and human dimension of security are both indispensable. It demonstrates that security has never been separable from the social, cultural, political, historical and ethical elements at its core. The paper is addressed to research policy makers and research funders as well as researchers involved in security research. It is the intention of the Standing Committee for the Humanities that the paper opens a discussion on new ways forward and enriches the understanding of this research field stimulating innovative proposals.

You can download the paper here.