2. July 2015

ESF Panel "Online tools to support transdisciplinary research" at ITD 2015 Conference

The International Transdisciplinarity (ITD) Conference brings together the international community of transdisciplinary scholars and aims at collectively advancing and improving theory and practice of transdisciplinary research. It is organised by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net). [more]

2. July 2015

Three books from The Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal Challenges (EUROAC) project

The Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal Challenges (EUROAC) was a Collaborative Research Project, coordinated by Ulrich Teichler and Barbara M. Kehm (University of Kassel, Germany) under the umbrella of the EUROCORES programme Higher Education and Social Change. Three books in... [more]

2. July 2015

Publication of book: Portrait of a Lady

An ESF Exploratory Workshop 'Portrait of a Lady: Women in Science' was convened by Sveva Avveduto in September 2013 and has resulted in a book [more]

28. May 2015

Career Tracking of Doctorate Holders - Investing in the future: are we supporting the right choices?

ESF has just published a report on a pilot study of the career paths of post-doctorates and doctorate alumni from five research funding and research performing organisations: AXA Research Fund (AXA RF), France, Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg, Goethe Graduate Academy at the Goethe... [more]

22. January 2015

Discussion Paper "The Future of Security Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities"

Security, the security of society and of individuals, is at the centre of concerns of contemporary society. In recent years it has, however, become clear that developing new technologies alone will not improve our security. It is now widely accepted that security depends as much on attitudes and... [more]

20. November 2014

Neuroscience and Society Network (NSN) Symposium

Organised by King’s Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (KISS-DTC), with support from the ESF, the symposium 'Towards Neuro-Social Science: the politics and pragmatics of collaboration' will be held on 11 December 2014 at KCL, London (UK). [more]

19. November 2014

ESF Science Policy Briefing wins award for promoting public understanding of the social dimensions of science

The European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) has awarded the ESF Policy Briefing ‘Science in Society: Caring for our futures in turbulent times' its prestigious Ziman award for “the most innovative cooperation in a venture to promote the public understanding of the... [more]

7. November 2014

ECRP INTEREURO project concluding workshop

The INTEREURO team is pleased to announce the concluding event of the larger INTEREURO-project...

1. September 2014

Discussion Paper “The Future of Security Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities”

This Discussion Paper was published in July 2014 and is a follow-up to the Forward Look Security: Advancing a Framework for Enquiry (SAFE) launched by the HUM (formerly SCH) in 2007.  [more]

11. July 2014

Transfer of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH)

The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) are pleased to announce that the transfer of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) to NSD has been completed and ERIH PLUS is now accessible at the NSD website. [more]

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