5. January 2008

How to imbue products with symbolic meaning

Many people pay silly money to wear a particular logo or a designer brand. Of course, a designer outfit doesn't keep you any warmer or dryer than an unbranded one, but functionality is only part of the story. Designer products say something about you – you are a trendy, sexy or sophisticated... [more]

23. November 2007

EUROCORES conference to gain new insights into European migration

Europe is a magnet for migrants, both legal and illegal. Europeans themselves are mobile, moving to all parts of the continent to make the most of job opportunities, to retire to the Sun or to enhance their education. Therefore migration issues are often hotly debated - their cultural impact, their... [more]

30. October 2007

The winding road from farm to fork: ESF - COST to hold conference on Food Systems

Food is a basic human need. But in an advanced society, it gets to us in complex ways. On November 5-6, the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) will gather experts on the food systems to consider the scientific and... [more]

10. October 2007

ESF names Balázs Kiss head of Social Sciences unit

The European Science Foundation (ESF) has named Dr. Balázs Kiss from the Centre for Political Communications Research in Budapest as the Head of Unit for the Standing Committee for the Social Sciences. (SOC (formerly SCSS)) Dr. Kiss is currently the director and the founder of the Centre for Political... [more]

11. June 2007

ESF funds European Neuroscience and Society Network; starts in June 2007

The past two decades have seen unprecedented progress and innovation in the neurosciences. Despite evidence that advances in the neurosciences are having a significant impact on the lives of individuals across Europe, there has been little formal engagement within the European social sciences with... [more]

4. June 2007

ESF strengthens links with Central and Eastern European countries in social sciences

Helping 10 CEE countries engage in enlarged European Research Area, share their social sciences with 17 other countries and obtain their share of funding [more]

23. April 2007

ESF names Sir Roderick Floud as the Chair of the Social Sciences

The European Science Foundation (ESF) has named Professor Sir Roderick Floud from London Metropolitan University as the Chair of the Standing Committee for the Social Sciences. (SOC (formerly SCSS))  Professor Floud, who is currently the President Emeritus of London Metropolitan University, received a... [more]

11. April 2007

Statistical Analysis of Complex data sets with Robust Statistical methods

Robust statistical analysis methods capable of dealing with large complex data sets are required more than ever before in almost all branches of science. The European Science Foundation’s three-year SACD network, which was completed in December 2006, developed new methods for extracting key... [more]

16. March 2007

Podcast: European Polar Board’s Dr. Egerton on the IPY, Europe and ESF’s involvement

European Polar Board’s Dr. Paul Egerton speaks about International Polar Year, Europe’s involvement, ESF’s role and IPY’s legacy. [more]

6. March 2007

International Polar Year Researcher Profiles

  Locked in Arctic ice and sediments are vital records of what the Earth’s environment was like in the past. To more accurately predict the future of the Earth’s climate, we need to know more about the extremes. Finding out how hot and how cold the Earth was in the past, and how much, as well... [more]