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ESF Mathematics Conference in partnership with EMS and ERCOM

Combinatorics and Analysis in Spatial Probability

12-17 December 2010

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Chaired by: Professor Vladas Sidoravicius - Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) and Eurandom, NL

Organising Committee:
- Professor Dr. J. van den Berg - CWI/VU Amsterdam, NL
- Professor W. Werner - Université Paris-Sud and Ecole Normale Supérieure, FR


© Robert Fitzner - TU/e, NL

Random Spatial Processes, in particular Percolation, Interacting Particle Systems and Gibbs Measures, has become one of the most active subfields of modern Probability. Motivated by problems in Physics (phase transitions), Biology (epidemics) and, more recently, Computer Science (randomized algorithms, 'cooperative' phenomena in large communication networks), it has led to deep, fundamental mathematical research.  Much of the rapid and successful development in this area is due to a remarkable combination of probabilistic, combinatorial and (complex) analytic techniques.

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Participants at the conference in Eindhoven, Netherlands (December 2010)

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The conference will be held at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Registration will start on Sunday evening at 17:00 in Laplace (LG on map), 1st floor, EURANDOM front desk. Drinks will be served from 17:00 until 19:30. Registration will continue in the Auditorium on Monday morning (see final programme for details).

The lectures will be held in the Auditorium (AUD on the map). Monday and Tuesday are in room AUD 15, Wednesday and Thursday are in room AUD 16. On Friday morning, the meeting will continue in Laplace (LG on map) room 1.105 (green room EURANDOM). Map of the campus

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